Product Feature: Race Tech Gold Valves

If you’re reading this then you are interested in dirt bikes right? Hopefully interested enough to own a dirt bike and understand the workings of all the systems on your bike. Well if you don’t already know, the single most important thing you can do to improve your overall riding skills, and that is to improve your bike’s suspension. Having a bike that handles extremely well will improve your confidence and speed. Having the confidence to charge through a hammered section of track or nasty trail condition can mean the difference between having a better race result and even staying safe and not have the bike buck you off and with confidence speed will follow. It’s hard to maintain speed and build confidence when you’re bull riding coming down that nasty downhill section at your favorite track or that rock garden on the mountain ridge. For us mortals it sure does make our riding experience that more enjoyable when the suspension is working well and you feel great about your race results or ride day. For me the better the suspension the less wear and tear it takes on my body. I’m able to ride longer during the day and come home less fatigued.

Race Tech Gold Valve Fork Kit

Ever wish you had tunable “works” level suspension like the pros? Well your suspension may never be at that level unless you want to spend more money than what your new bike cost, but Race Tech is the only suspension company I know of that is offering “works” level parts to the end user to install and tune themselves at a relatively low cost.

Race Tech Gold Valve Rebound Fork Kit

Let me introduce you to Race Tech’s Gold Valves custom valving kits. They are designed to break through the limitations of stock piston designs. Race Tech has proven through research and has shown that the stock piston ports provoke preventable harshness. Gold Valves (Gold Piston) are designed to reduce piston restriction so harshness is dramatically reduced. This allows the valving stack to be personally customized to the individual rider. Through testing Race Tech has proven that bottoming resistance is actually increased as the harshness is decreased. Traction is also improved which will help improve those lap times.

Shim Selection Taking Place

The key component is the careful combination of the Gold Valve itself and the valving stack. Your custom setups are computer calculated with the Digital Valving Search (DVS) on Race Techs website. Race Tech has developed and refined their custom setups for over 18 years; this computerized system calculates the proper setup for the individual rider including spring rates and clicker settings from over 300,000 possible combinations.

Gold Valve Fork Rebound Shim Selection

Gold Valve Kits are designed to be installed by competent individuals and suspension tuners. If you are unsure of your abilities to perform this task I would recommend you seek help from a knowledgeable technician or best of all you can send your forks/shock off to Race Tech for professional installation. A few specialized tools are required such has calipers or micrometer (mm) to measure shim thickness and diameter. Race Tech can help you with choosing the required tools and they offer suspension specially tools for purchase. If you are doing the installation yourself and you get stuck just pick up the phone because they offer free technical support available 951.279.6655 x109. I called to get some clarification on a few things and WOW the tech guys were full of knowledge and friendly so don’t be afraid to contact them.

Gold Valve Piston

Before you even get started I recommend you visit Race Tech’s site and click on Digital Valving Search (DVS). Now open your Gold Valve kits and remove the instruction sheets from the package. On these instruction sheets at the top right hand side you will find your access code for the DVS. Once you have clicked though the DVS link you will provide some basic information about you, your bike, riding style, and other preferences. The DVS takes all this data and calculates the desired shim stack to be used with the Gold Valve. Do yourself a favor and print the provided spec sheet that is generated after you submit your required data though the DVS. This spec sheet has all the important information you will need to fine tune your suspension from spring rates, oil levels, clicker adjustments, and of course the recommended shim stack that you will be building yourself.

Race Tech Gold Valves Installed

Upon opening the Gold Valve kits you will find detailed instructions, the Gold Valve(s), new shims, piston bands, and any other items needed to complete the Gold Valve install and even fork/shock decals.

Gold Valve Shock Install

Things You Should Know:

  • You are only a phone call away if you have questions or run into an issue while performing your Gold Valve install.
  • Proper service manual for your model bike is a must.
  •  You should be competent and have the necessary skills and tools to rebuild forks and shocks. Yes, this is a DIY install but requires pretty good understanding and knowledge of suspension parts and shop equipment.
  • How to use calipers or micrometer.
  • The provided Race Tech shims are not all the same. What I mean by that is some of the shims have a larger inside diameter. See some shims will slide down over a shoulder or milled section of a shaft while others will fit down over just a threaded section of the shaft.
  • Grinding the end of the shock (required to remove the retaining nut properly) is a skill mastered by few. Yes you will need a bench grinder.
  • The shock Gold Valve kit comes with two new retainer nuts. Depending on brand of shock (KYB, Showa) will determine which nut you need to use. Using a thread pitch gauge will tell which nut is required for you to use.
  • Torque wrench is required.
  • Large clean work area where you can lay out your shims as you measure them. It helps to be able to write down the size of each shim as you place them in order onto your work surface.
  • The provided instructions are very clear and the provided diagrams are an excellent tool to help you along the way.
  • Basic shop equipment such has a parts washer is nice but not needed, but a bench vise is needed to support and hold suspension parts. Make sure you use the aluminum inserts for your vise jaws so you do not mar any parts.
  • Race Tech’s Product Search Feature to locate products and Gold Valve kits for your bike.

Fork Gold Valves: $169.99

Race Tech offers three types of fork Gold Valve kits.

Type 1 – Offers a high flow valving piston that enables outstanding bottoming resistance while retaining a plush controlled ride. This option is extremely versatile and can be used for a verity of applications such as – Motocross, Off-road, Trial, Hill Climbs, Supermoto, Street, and many other.

Type 2 – Features smaller ports to increase bottoming resistance for the more extreme type or riders and riding. Please note that this option will be harsher than Type 1 mentioned above and is best suited for aggressive Motocross, Supercross, and Supermoto.

G2-R – This valve offers the ability to change port size by changing restrictor shim diameter. It also has the ability to preload the valving stack for dive control. The G2-R Damping Curves can be produced to mimic both Type 1 and Type 2 Kits. It can produce curves not available to T1 & 2 as well. The G2-R can be setup for any type of riding and is the most versatile valve design in the world!

Rebound Kit $169.99 – Many rebound valving systems are grossly inadequate. No matter what modifications are attempted, most forks will never perform with precision and control. But Race Tech has designed these kits to offer the advantage of both adjustable Mid-Valve and Rebound. Available for most Dual Chamber Showa, KYB and WP Forks.
Shock Gold Valves: $169.99

Type 1 – Designed to work and offers the same features as found in the Type 1 Fork Gold Valves such as high flow piston with outstanding bottoming resistance and greater feel all while retaining a plush controlled ride. Suitable for Motocross, Off-road, Trial, Hill Climbs, Supermoto, Street, and many other.

Type 2 – Keeping with the design elements of the Type 2 Fork Gold Valves featuring smaller compression ports that increase bottoming resistance for those extreme applications or aggressive Motocross, Supercross, and Supermoto.

G3-LD – Race Tech’s newly designed Shock Gold Valve kits are designed and built for the 46mm KYB and 50MM KYB, Showa, and WP shocks. Through research and development this design has shown to offer better control for the rider by using more shim leverage while decreasing the angular shim deflection which equals the most consistent damping available. Suitable for all applications.

Race Tech Springs: Fork Springs $119 Shock Spring $119

This is the first step in customizing a suspension set-up is to set the spring rate for the rider weight. It is also the first step in getting better suspension performance out of your bike before making any valving changes or other modifications. Race Tech’s springs are considered to be high performances springs that are shot peened and heat treated for extreme accurate rates.

Overall this was an excellent experience for me and I’m thankful I made the decision to tackle the job myself. Replacing fluids, springs, seals, etc is all I have ever done when it came to my bikes suspension but now I have the knowledge and resources to fine tune my bikes suspension depending on my riding skill or change in the terrain I ride.