Hammer Tested: Shark Kage Multi Use Ramp

Lockable latches located on each side for securing items while in cargo box mode.

For the last 15 plus years I have been loading dirt bikes in the back of my truck(s) with a single 8” wide aluminum ramp and using a bike stand as a stepping stool. I can’t count how many times I have almost dumped a bike over on top of my truck(s) bed rail or run the tires right off the narrow ramp. Heck a lot of the time this process took two people especially at the end of day when your body is spent and you’re dead tired. So I have been entertaining the thought of buying a trailer but I wasn’t sure I would be able to afford a trailer to fit my needs or even a proper place to store it when not in use, plus my truck does not have a hitch so that’s another cost added to the already expensive trailer. Then I stumbled across the Shark Kage while surfing around on Instagram. See loading bikes safely is my #1 priority whether it’s first thing in the morning or after a long day of riding and requires only a single person to do so. With that being said the nice long arch of the Shark Kage and the fact that it attaches to the tailgate were key highlights that stuck my interest for ease of loading and unloading bikes safely.

Nice clean welds can be found everywhere. Also the ridges in the cross member pieces offer excellent wet/dry traction for tires and shoes.

Nice clean welds can be found everywhere. Also the ridges in the cross member pieces offer excellent wet/dry traction for tires and shoes.

Quick little fun facts about the Shark Kage. Claimed to be the hottest ramp innovation in decades, I agree because I have not seen much of anything introduced to the market in many years. Yes people have taken the same ole loading ramps we have been using and tweaking the design but you still end up with a narrow un-safe to use ramp, hell I have even seen plastic loading ramps. This is the first of its kind Multi-Use Ramp for your pickup truck, Shark Kage is a much needed, better choice for loading your motorcycles, ATV’s, and more. Your Shark Kage  is the ultimate 6 in 1 ‘smart-buy’ and even becomes a large lockable cargo box! As mentioned earlier the Shark Kage attaches to your tailgate via the Shark Bite mounting plate and securely supports all 6 functions, creating a confident and safe experience.

Now that you have ordered your Shark Kage and you find yourself standing at the window waiting on the big brown truck to pull into the drive way, you’re asking yourself what to expect when it arrives.


Your Shark Kage will arrive in a large flat style box with plastic banding and could be shrink wrapped (like mine was). Good news is that it is fully assembled and only requires proper mounting to the tail gate of your truck. Also found in the box will be three tie down straps and two cargo style nets, all to be used during the bed extender mode. Included in the box you’ll find the Shark Bite mounting kit with supplied drill bits, fasteners, and an installation template. I almost forgot to mention the user manual, who reads those right? At the time of writing this the sun shade feature is near completion but wasn’t ready to be tested. So in the future I would assume you’ll find a canvas cover and two telescoping legs within the packaging.


This process is simple but that depends on your skill level with using basic hand tools and a drill. Installation can be done by yourself (I did it) but an extra helping hand is

Large pivot points. Easy to remove the Shark Kage with just three bolts.

Large pivot points. Easy to remove the Shark Kage with just three bolts.

always welcome when trying to attach the Shark Kage back onto the Shark Bite mounting plate. The provided instructions and template were easy to use and understand. You will need a tape measure and a permanent marker when determining the location of the template and where to drill the holes into your tailgate. Yes you will be drilling holes in your trucks tailgate. Depending on your trucks tailgate you can have options for mounting the Shark Bite mounting plate. My 2006 Dodge truck had a removable panel on the tailgate so I decided to through bolt the mounting plate and not to use the provided mounting hardware. For me this just seemed to be a better long term use solution, and I plan on using the Shark Kage for many years to come (this truck of mine needs to last another 8 years).


As mentioned earlier the Shark Kage is a 6 in 1 multi use ramp that offers many uses. You will find more uses for the ramp after owning it, I know I have.

Cargo Box:

The Shark Kage turns into a lockable cargo box that has many uses, but also some limited use. Let’s talk about the limited use first. Yes the Shark Kage is lockable but items being stored or secured inside the cargo box must not be able to pass through the sides/ends of the Shark Kage and the bed of the truck if you want maximum protection from thieves. The Shark Kage is great for locking up larger items but limited to securing and locking up smaller items.  Also remember if you are locking the cargo box you will need two locks one per side for best thief protection.  So use common sense when locking items in the cargo box, if the thieves want it they will be prepared to take whatever is inside. Best used for securing items while you drop by local shop, run into the Wal-Mart, etc.

What about the many uses for the cargo box mode? Well I just mentioned it was limited to securing smaller items meaning keeping them locked up from thieves but great for transporting anything that fits inside the cargo box because of all the anchor points for bungee cords and ratching tie down straps. To date I have used it to keep coolers in place, dirt bike tires/wheels, fuel cans, etc all from sliding around in the bed of the truck and keeping items close to reach with just lowering the tail gate.

At times I may leave my bike over at my friends place and use the Shark Kage Cargo Box to haul my needed riding items back and forth.

Easy access, plenty of room, lockable, all make the cargo box mode a true winner.

Work Bench:

I’m sure by the time this review is completed I’ll find more uses for the Shark Kage work bench. But to date it’s been handy to have for servicing my ATV, lawn mower, and house hold hobbies for the wife. Work bench could be the wrong term to use, but the Shark Kage is more of a raised work platform; remember it doesn’t have a solid surface like a “true” work bench. I’m sure if you own a truck you can appreciate all the things that a tailgate can offer. Now with the Shark Kage you can expand on the many uses of the tail gate and the use of the “work bench” as it allows you to work from three sides where the tail gate is limited to only one.

How awesome is that?? Rolled my ATV out on the work bench for easy cleaning of the underside and also works great for changing the engine oil in my ATV. No more laying on the ground.

The work bench can also be used to lay out needed ride day items. Coolers, riding gear, etc.

Ramp & Bed Extender:

As I mentioned earlier loading and unload my bikes safely are my main concerns and the Shark Kage ramp offers that because it’s attached to the tail gate and is not going to slide out from under the bike. The perfect arch/bow is built into the ramp to reduce the steep angle going up the ramp and into the bed of the truck. To maximize traction with tires or with your shoes these guys did an excellent job with the ribbed cross section pieces, adds to the safety factor for sure. Moving on to the bed extender feature which to me seems to be most effective only if you have your bike or ATV loaded into the bed of the truck. This is ok for me because that’s the only time I would even need that extra cargo floor space. I prefer to have the Shark Kage pulled tight against the bikes tires to be properly supported and then install the provided cargo nets. You could use Shark Kage as a conventional bed extender without any bikes or ATV loaded but doesn’t seem the most secure way because the Shark Kage would be “free” standing and only supported by the provided pull down straps.

Bed extender feature displayed with the Shark Kage pulled tight against the rear tire with provided cargo nets installed.

Full bed extender shown here with provided cargo nets. Notice the Shark Kage is not pulled tight against the rear tire.

Overhead view of the full bed extender. As you can see it adds plenty of extra room for anything needed for your ride day or weekend. The provided cargo nets help keep all the contents contained within the truck bed. Awesome Feature.

Side view of cargo nets and full bed extender mode.

Side view of cargo nets and full bed extender mode.

Cargo Cover:

Simple enough to use for just about anything that could potently fly or bounce out of the back of the truck. Perfect for riding gear, luggage, pine straw bales, and plenty of other items. Heck whatever you are loading into the bed of the truck it can be walked or rolled right up the ramp and into the truck bed. No more climbing up over the side or up on the tail gate and then jumping down.

Sun Shade:

Love the idea of having a sun shade for track side use but unfortunately this feature was still being refined at the time of this review.

In Closing:

Love the Shark Kage and it sure has taken the hassle out of loading and unloading my bikes from the truck. I’m loading bikes and gear quicker and unloading it all faster and safer so we can get to the fun stuff. Initial cost up front of $499 could be a little shocking for some people. But for me considering how safe it is to use, doesn’t require an extra parking spot in the yard or driveway like a trailer does, and offers multi uses for transporting and securing items make it more of an attractive purchase while adding functionally to your truck. If for some reason I need to remove the Shark Kage it only takes a few minutes and I can stand it up in the garage, which is where it will be stored through this winter.