Hammer Tested: MotoSport.com Steel Bike Stand

So my friend Leo Jones is hanging out in shop talking much about nothing while I’m trying to assembly the bottom end from one of my bikes. Leo says let me ask you a question so I replied let’s hear it. Leo goes on to say “I’m in the market for an off road bike for hare scrambles, enduros, and what bike should I get? Being a Yamaha fan I provided him some options such as the 2014 WR450F, and even offered to help him set up an YZ250 2-stroke for woods racing and riding. I also offered him some information and directed him toward KTM if he didn’t like the blue bikes as KTM has a large off-road offering in 4 & 2 stroke models. Leo agreed that those were strong options that he would consider before he purchased his next off-road bike. See Leo is the kind of guy that would show up at the MX track with a XR600 Honda and expect you to help him unload that heavy girl out of back of his jacked up truck and to give him pointers on how to clear the back section double. I was just excited that Leo was going to purchase a specific bike to do a specific type of riding and racing.

Leo’s Off-Road Bike

Fast forward a few months. Leo calls and says “Hey you home? I’m bringing over my new off-road bike.” Sometime later that day Leo pulls into the drive way and I’m trying to catch a glimpse through the windows of the house as I make my way to the front door to see what’s in the back of his truck. Lowe and behold Leo has a new 2013 Kawasaki KX450F that he needs help unloading. So Leo is standing in my driveway holding onto the handle bars of the bike and is looking at the bike like it should have a kick stand to prop itself up with. I speak up and say “Dude it’s a motocross bike” as I walk into the shop to retrieve my trusty “work stand” which happens to be a MotoSport Steel Bike Stand that I picked up for $44.99. I can honestly say I was expecting one of two blue bikes or an orange bike. The Kawasaki is fine bike and loves the MX track, so Leo is already making his grocery list of goodies that he thinks he needs to transform this KX into the perfect off-road bike. See we live in Georgia and our off-road conditions are mostly hilly, rocky, off chamber single track and not wipe open desert runs like out west. This is just the short of all that transpired leading up to Leo’s “off-road” bike purchase, hey if he’s happy I’m happy.

(Stay with me here and keep reading)

Leo got so caught up in buying his new “off-road” bike that he forgot all about needing a bike stand, and since his new “off-road” bike did not have a kick stand I let him borrow my all around “work stand” to keep him from propping his bike up against his wife’s Camry in the garage.

My friend Leo may not have taken my advice on what “off-road” bike to buy but he did listen when I asked for my bike stand back and said he needed to buy his own. Given all that my friend had invested in his new “off-road” bike he was able to squeeze out another $44.99 and purchased the identical “working man’s” bike stand that I have. For $45 bucks you’re getting the basics, nothing more but also nothing less. MotoSport.com is offering a quality built bike stand made from steel construction and then power coated black for a nice looking and long lasting finish. Atop of the stand has been fitted with a injected molded rubber top that offers excellent grip to the bikes frame rails or skid plates, also has drainage channels to keep any kind of liquids from collecting. Looking for a bike stand that has a drain hole in the center? Look no future because your $45 bucks is buying a stand that allows you to drain engine oil while the bike is on the stand making service just a little easier.

The rubber mat has held up pretty good over the past year. Grips the bikes frame rails or skid plate really well.

As mentioned earlier I said this was my trusty “work stand” and what does that mean you are asking? Well this bike stand gets used for everything such as washing bikes, servicing bikes, and with its sturdy base it makes a great step up for loading bikes into the back of any truck. The steel construction allows for the stand to support up to 350 lbs and will come with warning labels “not to start the bike while on the stand”. At our own risk we failed to listen to the warning label and repeatedly start our bikes every time while it’s on the stand with zero issues. Even had the opportunity to watch Leo kick start his new “off-road” bike for 20 minutes while on the stand before we decided to tell him to remove the silencer wash plug. Oh boy was he mad and exhausted. There are so many stands out there ranging from $45-$140 bucks (even as much as $275 for those scissor lifts) that it can be confusing and let’s face it dirt bikes are expensive to maintain so save your money for bike parts and buy yourself a basic but functional bike stand that is light weight and sturdy. Visit Motosport.com today!!

Durability – 23/25
Function – 24/25
Price – 25/25
Design/fit – 24/25
Total points – 96 – A

Total Points Scored 96 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations.