Hammer Tested: IMS Pro Series Foot Pegs

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IMS Pro Series Foot Pegs
Retail $96.00

For as long as I can remember, the IMS Pro Series Pegs has been the standard that all other foot pegs are judged by. Even today, with the flooded foot peg market, IMS Pro Series pegs still stand out as a premium replacement for undesirable OEM pegs. Although easily overlooked, foot pegs have an important task in being able to position and control your body in all types of terrain. It’s important that the pegs allow for a solid platform that creates confidence in that your footing is, and will remain, established. Confidence and stability is not in short order with IMS Pro Series pegs. IMS Pro Series foot pegs are made from 17-4 cast stainless steel with a power coat and polished finish for their signature look. IMS has a patented tooth design with taller teeth on the outside edge of the foot bed, for better control and riding performance. Combining this tall tooth design with perfect peg width, the IMS Pro Series produces a solid-footing surface that integrates the abilities of rider and bike.


There are several companies making a assortment of foot pegs for most current model bikes and some bikes that are no longer in production. One thing all these companies have in common is they all have their own foot bed design, as to tooth shape and position. IMS is so trusted in their tooth design that they patented it as I mentioned earlier. Having the correct foot peg with a properly designed foot bed can be a most important detail during those wet, off road rides where there’s plenty of mud on the sole of your boots. Nothing out of the ordinary with the foot bed shape as it’s flat with a nice rounded shape on the end with accurate placed teeth around the peg frame. Some companies have arched foot beds, adjustable height pegs, and even pivoting pegs but IMS has focused on offering a functional foot peg without all that “fluff”. IMS pegs are designed to perform in all types of terrain. Whether it be motocross, desert racing, or even GNCC racing all while giving the rider maximum control over the bike. Regardless of the riding conditions you are faced with, losing your footing while riding is an unsafe situation because you can lose control of your bike and hurt yourself or someone else. So choose a proven foot peg design, you’ll be glad you selected IMS, I know I am.


I always find it refreshing to install components that fit and function as good if not better than O.E.M components. So I decided to install a set of these IMS Pro Series foot pegs on my 05 off-road YZ250. The fit was great and almost too perfect as they were really tight fitting in between the foot peg brackets, which just took a little more effort to install but nothing that would keep you from installing them correctly. Matter of fact you will appreciate the tight fit once the pegs are installed with a zero “sloppy” feel, unless your brackets and pivots pins are wasted. Mentioning the pivot pins and brackets brings up another point to be made, and that’s to inspect the pins for deep grooves or any kind of wear and this also holds true about the mounting brackets for the foot pegs. Having worn out pivot pins and brackets creates a lot of “slop” or movement in the pegs which can affect your body positioning and control. Not to mention it’s a little troubling to have your footing to be rocking back and forth while you are moving your body around in different positions on the bike. IMS foot pegs are designed perfectly to allow you to reuse the O.E.M springs and pivot pins without any required modifications. I would just like to say that if you are looking for a replacement foot peg, than look no further than IMS. These pegs just offer so much for your money like “factory” no maintenance polish look, power coated for rust & corrosion protection, and a proven foot bed design that offers superior traction for your boots sole and unparalleled control. Overall these foot pegs met and exceeded my expectations and I feel strongly they will surpass yours also.

Durability – 25/25
Function – 24/25
Price – 24/25
Design/fit – 24/25
Total points – 97 – A

Total Points Scored 97 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations.