Precision Concepts Racing Update Panaca, NV

Round 8 of the NHHA Championship
August 23rd, 2014
Panaca, NV
Team riders: Ricky Brabec (#357) / Max Eddy Jr. (#N247)
*all photo credits to Mark Kariya

The battle for the title was heating up as the eighth round of the National Hare and Hound championship headed to Panaca, NV. It had become a three horse race with Ricky Brabec, Nick Burson and Ivan Ramirez all separated by just ten points entering the weekend.

As always, the race would be a mass, dead engine start and with over a hundred riders lined up on the bomb, getting the bike to fire up first kick would be crucial. Ricky had been perfecting his technique and it payed off as his bike fired up quickly, putting him right up front as the riders sped down the bomb run: “I had practiced [my dead engine starts] friday morning for about forty five minutes. My practice paid off with a one-kick start [and] shortly after hitting the end of the bomb I made the pass for the lead.”

Max wasn’t quite as fortunate leaving the line, suffering a multiple-kick start and the start of a long day in the dust: “[As] I kicked my bike, it didn’t start [and] I had to kick it three more times before it would fire up. All I see [in front of me] is a wall of dust as I start down the course.”

Out front Ricky was in control and focused on riding his own race: “…I knew I could win this thing. I took a deep breath, relaxed and tried to ride as smooth as possible. Never [having raced in the area] before, I had no idea what was around each corner so I played the whole race safe, backing it down a tad because sometimes that’s what it takes.”

Meanwhile, Max was working his way forward, doing his best to get by riders in the dusty conditions: “I made my way through the pack, trying to get to the front, [but] I would make a few mistakes and [had one minor] crash. Just before the pits, the dust and the racers thinned out [a little] and I settled in to a good pace.”

This was Max’s first race on his Precision Concepts Kawasaki and all of the hard work he put in training during the summer was paying off as he had worked up to 12th place by the time he reached the pits. “My bike was working really well..I felt really good on [it today]. The second half of the race I would push hard and make a few more passes.”

On the second loop, Ricky was maintaining his advantage out front and having a blast riding through the terrain Nevada had to offer: “After [leaving] one of the funnest tree sections ever, I looked back didn’t see any dust [so] I knew I had a cushion and could take it a little easier. Being up in the trees and canyons…I didn’t want [the second loop] to end because the terrain was so much fun!”

As the course reached the finish line, Ricky crossed the checkered flag first, taking his second win of the year: “Before I knew it I was coming into…where the pits and the finish were and I swear to you I had the biggest smile on my face! The team and I needed this win!”

Max made a great charge on the second loop, working his way up to eighth place, under difficult conditions for overtaking, by the time he reached the finish. “Thank you to all of my sponsors and the people that help me: Precision Concepts, O’neal, A’ME, Bell, Alpinestars, Leatt and 100%.”

The win gives Ricky a ten point lead in the championship as the series heads to the final two rounds. “I couldn’t have done any of this without the awesome support from my family, friends, and of course the great sponsors: THR Motorsports, Hoosier Precision Machining, Precision Concepts, O’neal, FMF, SIDI, ZLTmxid, EKS brand goggles, EVS, Moto XXX, Leatt, A’me grips, Acerbis, PCI, kc66 foundation.”

Top 10 Overall: Remaining NHHA schedule:

1. Ricky Brabec -Round 9: September 21st, Yerington, NV
2. Skyler Howes -Round 10: October 26th, Lucerne Valley, CA
3. Axel Pearson
4. Nick Burson
5. Ivan Ramirez
6. Justin Morrow
7. Ryan Smith
8. Max Eddy Jr.
9. Steve Kirk
10. Brandon Prieto

Thank you to al of the team sponsors who make this effort possible: THR Motorsports, Hoosier Precision Machining, Kawasaki, Alamo Alarm, Dunlop, FMF, Renthal, GPR stabilizer, Hinson, VP Race Fuels, IMS, BRP, Kalgard lubricants, LA Piston Co., A’ME grips, Braking, RK/Excel, ARC levers, DT1 filters, Acerbis, Zip-Ty, Ryan Abbatoye Designs, Seal Savers, Baja Designs, Northland Motorsports, CryoHeat.