Hammer Tested: Tread Doctor

Well if you are like me you enjoy wrenching on your dirt bikes during the week prior to your big race or weekend ride. But there’s one thing I hate more than anything and that is changing tires, especially in the winter time when the tires are as cold as it is outside, Northern riders can relate I’m sure. Well over the years I’m sure I have spent a few hundred dollars buying all those speciality tools used for changing tires so when I discovered the Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool while lurking around at MotoSport.com and after reading it’s description I did not even hesitate to add it to my shopping cart. At this point what’s another $54.99 for tire maintenance right? Dirt bike tires are expensive and need replacing often so I was excited to find a tool that would allow me to extend the service life of the tire thus giving me ample time to prepare my wallet and wife for the large purchase that will show up on our bank transactions because ultimately tires will need to be replaced regardless.

So what the heck is a Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool? The Tread Doctor is a lightweight heated tool that cuts “new” leading edges into your worn knobby tires. Refreshing the leading edge of the knobby will help regain some of that new tire feeling and traction. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know about you but if I can put off buying a new tire for a few weeks and get a few more rides/races out of a set of tires it sure helps me budget the cost of buying new tires when the time comes. Also having the Tread Doctor in my tool box gives me a little relief when I have that last minute notice of tire wear, usually the night before the race or ride is when this occurs.

The heated carbide cutting tool gets hot so take proper care to use gloves and even safety glasses as you never know when a small piece of hot rubber decides to get air born. Depending on tire knobby design I wish the cutting blade was wider but on other tires the width is spot on, so the cutting blade is right in the happy medium to get the job done. Two nice features are the on/off switch and the holding stand. So if you’re leaving the tool in the “on” position and in the holder stand make sure your work area is clear of loose items and chemicals as a pre-caution.

With a little practice you can cut the minimal amount of rubber off each time to get a new edge thus extending the life your tires. So I recommend you make a few practice cuts on an old tire that you have lying around the shop area before attacking the mounted tire on your bike. Practicing on that old tire will give you more confidence and a peace of mind before you get started. No need to be intimidated, this task and the tool are very easy to use and safe with a few small pre-cautions. Currently I’m enjoying the new tire traction and soon be charging my friends $$ to do their tires (hahaha). Heck I take the Tread Doctor to the track with me; a lot of tracks have electrical outlets that can be used. “Be Warned” riders might start lining up wanting to use your Tread Doctor.


• Regains that new tire traction performance on used tires.
• Comfortable large handle.
• On/Off switch and tool stand.
• Extends the service life of your tires.
• Works with any dirt bike tire regardless of brand.
Replaceable Blade and the Sniper Head is a new added tip for custom tire mods.


• This tool gets HOT so the use of gloves and safety glasses are a must.
• Once the tool gets up to temperature for the first time you’ll notice some smoke coming from the cutting tip. Don’t be alarmed, it’s the assembly oil being burned off.
• Be patient and let the tool get up to temp before you start using it. I found it can take close to 8-10 minutes to get to proper temp.
• Practice on an older tire to get the hang of using the tool but it’s easy enough to start using on your mounted tire.
• Tires with heavy rounded leading edges will require more cuts and time to regain that square leading edge.
• Best used to keep tires “groomed”. Every few rides you can easily remove a very thin slice of rubber and regain that new tire feel.
• Don’t run the cutting edge of the blade all the way down to the root of the knobby. As you approach the root or base of the knobby start to lean the tool back toward you to get that scoping affect as seen in the video. Scan the provided QR code with your smart phone.
• Easier to use on mounted tires than ones that are off the rim and bike.

Note: I have witnessed guys using razor blades to perform this same task. I don’t think I need to say how dangerous that can be. DO NOT USE RAZOR BLADES. Having the proper tools to perform a task makes the job easier and safer.

In closing this is a great tool to maximize the service life of your tires and at $54.99 it’s easy on the bank account. Whether you are a serious racer or just a weekend warrior you will appreciate the value this tool has to offer. I was totally blown away at how well this tool performed and the way the tires hook up like new again.

Durability – 25/25
Function – 25/25
Price – 25/25
Design/fit – 24/25
Total points – 99 – A

Total Points Scored 99 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations.

  • CrazyTed

    Complete ripoff of the Knobby Knife. Nice job Motorsports ripping off another product….

    • Thanks for viewing our product review. Motosport.com is just
      a retail distributor of the Tread Doctor. This tool is manufactured by HardLine
      Products. Please view link here http://www.hardlineproducts.com/