Hammer Tested: Motosport.com Turner Aluminum Foot Pegs

Foot pegs can get overlooked as having an important role in how you’re able to position and control your body while you’re riding. It’s important that the pegs allow for a solid platform that creates confidence in that your footing is stable. Confidence and stability is what you get with Motosport.com’s Turner branded foot pegs as they offer a 57mm wide platform that is CNC-machined forged 6061 T6 aluminum that is quality anodized for durability and good looks.

There are several companies making a variety of foot pegs for most model bikes that are being built today and some bikes that are no longer in production. Among all these companies you will find they all have their own foot bed design as to the way the teeth are shaped and positioned. You’ll find replaceable stainless steel cleats on the Turner foot bed and their star like shape design of the cleats grip your boots sole surprisingly well. This feature can be most important during those wet off road rides where there’s plenty of mud on your boots sole. Nothing out of the ordinary with the foot bed shape as its flat with a nice rounded shape on the end with accuracy placed cleats. Regardless of the riding conditions, losing your footing while riding is a dangerous situation because you can lose control of your bike and hurt yourself or someone.

It’s nice to install components that fit and work as good if not better than O.E.M parts. I decided to install a set of these Turner foot pegs on my 05 YZ250. The fit was great and almost to perfect as they were really tight fitting in between the foot peg brackets, which just took a little more effort to install but nothing that would keep you from installing them correctly. Matter of fact you will appreciate the tight fit once the pegs are installed. Motosport.com did their home work in the design and manufacturing of the Turner branded foot pegs as they fit perfectly using the O.E.M springs and pivot pins. Plus they are lighter than the O.E.M pegs and offer more functionally. Mentioning the pivot pins brings up another point to be made, and that’s to inspect the pins for deep grooves or any kind of wear. This also holds true about the mounting brackets for the foot pegs. Having worn out pivot pins and brackets creates a lot of “slop” or movement in the pegs which can affect your body positioning and control. Not to mention it’s a little troubling to have your footing to be rocking back and forth while you are moving your body around in different positions on the bike. Go ahead and check out Turner foot pegs today and make sure you Instagram your pictures so all you friends can see what you the “bling king” has added to his ride.

Things to Consider

1) Turner pegs are anodized so be careful not to spray harsh cleaners on them. Using plain soap and water will prolong the color.
2) Foot pegs wear out whether they are aluminum or steel. Aluminum foot pegs are lighter than steel but also softer and could wear quicker.
3) Motosport.com offers replaceable cleats for the Turner pegs.

Durability – 22/25
Function – 23/25
Price – 24/25
Design/fit – 24/25
Total points – 93 – A

Total Points Scored 93 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations.