Hammer Tested: Motosport.com Tie Down Straps

True story, I was at Highland Park Resort with a group of riding buddies when a plane ole white ford truck pulls down into the parking lot where another group of riders were unloading their bikes and this guys late model KTM was laying down on top of the bed rail of his truck. As his riding buddies looked on he gets out of his truck complaining about his cheap no good ratcheting tie down straps. I don’t know whether his tie down method failed or he just wasn’t properly prepared that morning but do yourself a favor and don’t be “that guy” the guy that shows up with your bike laid over in the bed of your truck. Be properly prepared for the fun day that awaits you and properly transporting your dirt bike should be priory #1 aside from protective riding gear.

The market is flooded with tie downs ranging from all sizes, colors, and styles. Motosport.com offers an excellent, high quality tie down that looks great and functions better all while at a great low price of $19.99

When I’m in the market for new tie downs the main feature I’m looking for is a way to secure the tie downs to the handlebars without the worry of marking up my bars. The MotoSport.com Tie Downs offer a built-in soft hook system which is as effective as the hook alone, but reduces the slippage and eliminates damage to your handlebars. I love the 1.5 inch width of the straps, this is a great feature that makes the tie downs durable enough to hold your dirt bike steady during those short trips or even those long 3 hr drives to your favorite riding spot. You’ll find large style coated hooks at each end of the straps that offer a solid attachment point and the coating will keep the hooks from rusting and looking great for a long time.

Ever pinched your fingers with those ratcheting style tie downs? No worries here as these feature a spring loaded buckle that allows you to simply fasten down the bike by pulling down on the strap that’s looped through the buckle. These tie downs can be used with or without the soft hook system but I recommend using the built in soft hook feature for best results and of course they are sold in pairs. Normally other riders are more interested in your bike that you’re unloading but I have gotten several inquiries about my new tie downs, they look awesome with the embedded MotoSport.com logo and you can’t go wrong with red and black. Currently I have been using these tie downs for 6 months and they just work great. To prolong the color I tend to place them in the truck once we get to the track instead of leaving them to bake in the sun on the tail gate.


Durability – 24/25
Function – 24/25
Price – 25/25
Design/fit – 24/25
Total points – 97 – A

Total Points Scored 97 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations.