Hammer Tested: Driven Industries Sport Series Brake Rotors

Driven Industries Sport Series Front and Rear Brake Rotors
Suggested retail – Front $79.99  and Rear $79.99

Motosport.com is an essentially renowned website in today’s world and now distributing products that are better than competitively priced, and perform as well as their exponentially priced cousins. We here at Dirt Hammers already have fond memories of working with Driven Industries brake components by using their 270mm oversized rotor kit on our 2012 CRF450R. Now we have front and rear stock replacements that have a noticeable different look compared to the stock cauliflower rotors that come on the bikes in today’s stock world. Not only do they offer a more enhanced look but also displace heat greatly due to their slightly larger than stock waves and cooling vents.

These discs scream perfection from the moment you bolt them to your hubs, they bolt directly up to the stock mounts with absolutely no fuss, they don’t bulge any more than your stock units do and they receive more direct pad contact when mounted on the bike. The slightly larger surface area gives you the feel of much more direct stopping power and the large vents keep the rotor nice and cool to reduce the dreaded fade. Some of us are brake draggers and have a tendency to blow through the fade temp quicker than others, but the driven rotors, especially the rear was able to thwart of brake overheating 30% longer than the stockers did (based on a 20 lap comparison).

When the day is done, The Driven Industries rotors hold up to the heat, and even after beating a couple rocks further into the dirt they have a pretty good resilience to bending when compared to your stock units as well. Another great product that is being churned out of the Motosport.com doors on the norm, for a price you can’t shake enough sticks at.

Durability – 25/25
Function – 23/25
Price – 25/25
Design/fit – 25/25
Total points – 98 – A

Total Points Scored 98 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations.