Hammer Tested: EKS Brand GOX Enduro Goggles

If you are a hard core rider and not afraid of a cold or nasty day. This is the goggle for you. The unique design of GOX Enduro goggles gives you a comfortable goggle that will withstand some brutal temperatures. It’s unique dual pane vented lens help prevent fog and condensation from building up in your lenses. We all know they make anti-fog spray and anti-fog cloths to clean your lenses with. I’m sure most have also been sitting on the starting line on a cold winter morning and the fog begins to build. Then you are scrambling around trying to pull them off and wipe them right before your row takes off. This is a good way to ignite those pre-race jitters.

These goggles were tested at multiple races where the temperatures were between 30-60 degrees. One morning it was freezing out and even a light drizzle. These goggles performed great with no fog. Stack this with some very thin tear offs and you have a single pair of goggles that can last even the nastiest harescrambles.

The design and shape of the goggles make them feel excellent. I tested them on a Fox, Thor, and Fly helmet and on all of them they fit snug. The flexible urethane blended frame allows the goggles to shape to your helmet. Then with the 17mm of foam that is 4 different layers. The goggles absorb sweat and make a perfect contoured seal on your face. The strap on the goggles is double woven for ultimate strength. They then have a silicone backing to give them exceptional grip on your helmet.

Overall I feel these are a staple goggle for any cold damp morning where you know fog will be a factor. When you buy these goggles they come with tear off posts built into the lens. The tear offs themselves were very nice. They were very thin so you could make a large stack with out decreasing vision. The regular Gox tear offs come in replacement packs of 10 for $7.99 and laminated packs of 28 for $26.99. One of the cool things about the laminated is you can stack one pack of 7 laminated ones on and it looks like nothing is there. One other cool thing in the design of these is that with EKS Brand you do not have to buy tear offs specific to your goggles. There tear offs work with all GOX and Beer Optics models. Which is a cool feature. I also tested the optional roll off lens that you can swap out in minutes. This was also a nice system for places you know a lot of mud may be a factor. With one or two pulls you have clear visibility again. This system also has a great price and can be yours for only $39.99. If you wanted just new lenses for the Enduro goggle these can also be purchased for $23.00.

New X Brand goggle case became available this week. $36 and holds 5 goggles and all your tear-offs, lenses, and accessories.

The EKS Brand GOX Enduro series goggle will run you $47 which is for the most part less than the bigger brand name goggles. I also feel for a specialty goggle this is a very fair price. I rated the goggles on 4 factors. Durabilitly, Function, Price, and Design. Don’t forget about the new EKS goggle case that became available this week for only $36.00.

• Durability 22/25
• Function 25/25
• Price 25/25
• Design/Fit 24/25

Total Points Scored 96 = Excellent Product = Meets And Exceeds Expectations.