Hammer Tested: MotoSport.com Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand

Motosport Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand
Suggested retail -$54.99

Motosport.com is an essentially renowned website now and is now producing quality products for the masses. The Motosport aluminum stand is a simply put a working man’s dirt bike stand. It’s not flashy apart from the injection molded rubber top that adorns the Motosport logo, but it’s not meant to be. It is a stand with a purpose that is meant to hold your dirt bike off the ground relieving your suspension of that painful gravity that can wreak havoc on your fork seals if you’re not careful. The stand is built with quality in mind and all the welds are spot on and perfect and each bend is a direct twin to its opposite, the stand doesn’t wobble or tilt in any weird ways and the bike stays on top of it easily. Another added feature is a drain hole if you don’t feel like taking your bike off the stand to change the oil and there is plenty of room to place a catch pan underneath. I wouldn’t attempt kick starting your bike on the stand by any means, since Motosport.com attaches a couple friendly reminder stickers that the stand is in fact aluminum and will bend under a heavy load like that. Naturally that didn’t stop us from kick starting our CRF450 on it several times with no bending at all, but that was just our observation and we don’t recommend you doing this with your stand. The overall height of the stand is perfect as it leaves your bike with both front & rear tires off the ground to aid in service and repairs.

When the day is done, the Motosport stand holds up to exactly what a motorcycle stand should, it gets the job done without having to have all the flash of the 100+ dollar stands do. Hit up Motosport.com to get your aluminum stand today, also comes in a steel version that is even heavier duty just in case you are really hard on equipment.

Durability – 25/25
Function – 25/25
Price – 25/25
Design/fit – 23/25

Total Points Scored 98 = Excellent Product = Meets and Exceeds Expectations.