Hammer Tested: Long Term Forma Predator Boot Test

Website:  Forma Boot USA

Model Tested: Predator Retail $549

The main purpose of this review will be to test the long term performance and durability of the Forma “Predator” boots. They will mainly be worn in the SORCS Hare-Scramble series in the 30+A class as well as several other races including (but not limited to) SETRA Hare-Scrambles and Enduros. The test will run from a start date of 2/16/14 to 12/7/14 and will cover a minimum of 15 races in that time frame all ranging from 2-4 hours in duration.

Much of the terrain will be Southeastern sand and red clay. We will be able to see how well the large white portions of the boots hold up to stains and long term discoloration. We will also be able to monitor how well the boot holds up to long term use including break-in time, sole wear, and overall longevity.

The rider will be Scott Greer on a 2013 250SX. He has been racing off-road since 2008 winning a 250C title in 2010, a 251+B title in 2011 and runner up in 30+A in 2013 after a year off in 2012.

His expectations for the boots are very high. At the Predator’s price point they are in line to compete with the Tech 10, Gaerne SG-10 and Sidi Crossfire. While it is in good company, it has a few features the others do not. Everyone loves the SG12 for the excellent buckles and the Predator has a very similar style buckle and it engages easily. The plus to the Predator is the flip up tabs that allow the rider to easily unbuckle, but also provides a “slide” point that prevents the buckle from being pulled open in a crash or if something were to catch it.

Next is the replaceable sole “patch”. The patch is placed in the “high wear” areas of contact at the pegs, rear brake pedal and shift lever. While replacing this still requires a local shoe repair shop, the replaceable patches will cost you much less than the typical full sole replacement in materials from Forma.

Now for something NEW! The Forma Predator has a DUAL hinged ankle where the Sidi and SG12 have a single pivot point. The single pivot limits some of the rider’s motions and feel. The dual pivot point offers more “freedom” while still maintaining a focus on protection. Both hinge points have max angle lockouts to prevent the ankle from bending “too far” but still allowing the rider better range of motion in not only the ankle, but the high ankle as well. To keep this complex system light, all of the framing is made of carbon fiber, helping to keep overall weight down.

Speaking of weight, that is our final main point of focus on this boot. Using a shipping scale these boots weighed in at 10 pounds for a size EU47/US13. This is a huge plus for most riders and this falls right in line with all of its competitors. Being in that ball park along with its more unique features make this boot a great prospect!

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