Hammer Tested: Forma Predator Boots

Forma Predator Boots – Tested here in the red and white color
Product info from Formabootsusa.com
Suggested retail -$549.00

Forma boots isn’t a name you are probably very familiar within the MX community, we here in the US are saturated by the “Alpinestars”, “Gearne”, and “Fox” lines and breaking away from that norm places you in an unknown realm. Enter the Forma Predator boot, their newest top of the line MX boot that is nothing short of a masterpiece, dual pivot ankle flex control system highlights one of the things that the motocross market is looking for the most. With the unique dual pivot system the boot has remarkable back and forth movement that will mimic the natural movement of your feet and ankles so from the standing to sitting, heel to toe any motion you would want to perform is comfortable and done with no binding or stiffness. The next most noticeable thing to me was how much grip the inner rubber gripper inserts provided the rider, it is almost similar to gluing your boots to your bike. To highlight the rest of the boot the outer is adorned with a carbon fiber pivot protector (not the fake plastic carbon fiber either), an anti-slippery/oil rubber sole with replaceable insert, injection molded plastic protections, adjustable velcro closure, replaceable/adjustable aluminum buckles that are some of the easiest to close and open in the business, and a molded toe cap. A good boot has to have a solid outer shell but it also has to be comfortable, and have just as many features inside as out. The Forma boot has one of the most comfortable interiors of any boot I personally have ever put on. It has to be due to the thermoformed inner liner and the extra cushy sole, yet even with all these innovations the boot still feels lighter than the Alpinestars Tech 10 and the Gearne SG12.

Out on the track the initial feel of the dual pivot system is truly a thing of beauty, the movement forth and aft of the ankle truly mimics the natural position and motion that you would experience without a boot on, yet sacrifices nothing in terms of support. With hyper extension stop plates and the outer pivot plates there is no way your wobbly ankles will over extend in or out while wearing the Forma Predator boot. As mentioned before the gripper material on the inside of the boots is far superior than the leather used by many boot companies, because it doesn’t only protect the boots from heat but gives you more friction and surface area for gripping the bike with your legs. After 5-6 rides at Sand Mountain MX the boots and the gripper material at the ankles and the lower calf section are starting to show normal wear and tear which is nothing out of the ordinary that I have not seen or what you have experienced on any other brand boot. As a high end boot the Forma boot sacrifices nothing to the competition and the lighter feel of the boot is an added pleasure when moving around on the bike.

Key Features:

Outer Shell

  • Micro Fiber and synthetic material upper
  • F.C.S (Dual Pivot Flex Control System) with anti-scratch pad
  • Carbon Fiber Dual Pivot Connector
  • Skywalk® anti-slippery/oil rubber sole with replaceable insert
  • Hi-Tec Rubber Heat Gripper inserts
  • Injection moulded plastic protections
  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Replaceable/adjustable aluminium security lock buckles
  • Zama moulded toe cap

Inner Body

  • Personalised and thermoformed Forma inner lining
  • I.S.S (incorporated Steel Shank)
  • Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with APS.
air-mesh-lining Air Mesh Lining air-ventilation-pockets Air Ventilation Pockets
injection-moulded-plastic-protections Injection Moulded Plastic Protections interchangable-accessories Interchangeable Accessories
adjustable-velcro-closure Adjustable Velcro Closure heat-protector Heat Protector
anti-slippery-oil-rubber-sole Anti Slippery Oil / Rubber Sole lightweight Lightweight
anti-bacterial-replaceable-footbed Anti Bacterial Replaceable Footbed with APS ce-certified CE Certified


All in all the Forma Predator boot is a solid choice of a top of the line boot from a newer face in the US motocross and off road industry but should very quickly become a household name, with a great product, and several options to help even the pickiest of MX fashion riders to find just the right Forma boot they are looking for. Of course the Forma Predator is near the $600 range, which is right on par with other top of the line boots from the other manufacturers that aren’t offering near as many features. I for one can’t wait to see the Forma boots to start picking up in the pro and top amateur ranks here in the US and without a doubt everyone will be on board. If you want to see more of the Forma Predator boot be sure to visit their FaceBook page and follow them on Instagram. Don’t forget to view the full line of Forma boots at www.formabootsusa.com.

Durability – 23/25
Function – 25/25
Price – 24/25
Design/Fit – 24/25
Total Points Scored 96 = Excellent Product = Meets And Exceeds Expectations.