NEW! 2014 YZF One-Piece Anti-Twist Bar Mount from Ride Engineering

The 2014 YZ450 & 250F come with Rubber Mounted Triple Clamps for the first time since these models were introduced. It’s a great added feature that reduces vibration and lessens hand fatigue. The only drawback is when you crash, your bars twist to the side in the stock two-piece mounts. Ride’s newest bar mount (YZ-BBM00-CA) greatly reduces this problem by using eight pinch bolts and a strong one-piece bridge design. Furthermore in the event of a hard crash, the machined stainless steel posts can be unscrewed and replaced for $14.95. Ride Engineering has similar fourth generation bar mounts for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM. These bar mounts are not just stronger than the stock ones, but the machining detail keeps the aluminium only in the critical areas ensuring that NO weight is gained! We even machine little windows on top so the handlebar alignment marks can be used.