Hammer Tested: Driven Industries 270mm Front Rotor Kit

Driven Industries “Blade” 270mm floating front brake rotor – tested here on a 2012 Honda CRF450R
Retail – $164.99
Purchased from Motosport.com for –$129.99

Driven Industries 270mm Oversized Front Rotor Kit

The other day I was looking for an oversized brake rotor kit for the Honda trying to save a few bucks but it seems most OS kits are in the $200 range. So I jump on the motosport.com site and discover this gem! Driven Industries has discovered a way to make oversized brake kits for motocross applications much more affordable for the everyday person retailing at $165. So naturally I went ahead and jumped on it (Motosport also offered 20% off and $5 fast cash for my next purchase, so it definitely made my decision even easier!). The kit bolted on perfectly with the provided mounting bracket, except with Honda having their stock disk cover molded around the wheel spacer which won’t accept a 270mm disk. Again I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money on this kit so I didn’t buy the $20 spacer kit, I just used a hack saw and cut my cover off the O.E.M spacer.

Comparison between the 270mm Driven Industries (right) and the Honda O.E.M (left)

Comparison between the 270mm Driven Industries (right) and the Honda O.E.M (left)

On the track the stock rotor was ok, not amazing, but decent, the main squawk with the stock unit was how much it faded after a long moto. After the first lap with the Driven Industries 270mm disk the progressive feel at the lever was so much improved that there were several times that I was grabbing to much front brake to compensate my muscle memory from the stock unit. Once I got used to the new and improved pucker power with no fade whatsoever I was able to use the oversize kit to its fullest. Driving deeper in the corners and with a much more manageable braking power throughout the track and my confidence in my front wheel was vastly improved.

On top of a solid performing kit the oversize rotor really draws attention to the front wheel of the bike and looks extremely good in my opinion. Driven offers two different styles of oversize kits one which is a traditional cauliflower style rotor and the blade rotor which we decided to go with (because it gave us an extra $5) which are both full floating rotors and comes with the correct size bracket to accommodate the added size of the Rotor. With some oversized brake kits reaching the $300 range getting the Driven Industries kit at pretty much half that price feels like you stole it and the performance of this package is just as top rate as any of the bigger name brake kits. Motosport.com carries other Driven Industries braking products and a complete line of dirt bike brakes and related performance products for all makes and models.

Basic Features:

•The Oversize Floating Brake Rotor is a 270 mm full floating rotor for maximum performance and stopping power.

•Driven uses a high-carbon steel construction for maximum durability.

•The Driven front brake rotor includes a billet caliper bracket for proper relocation and easy installation.

•The Driven Oversize Floating Brake Rotor offers maximum clearance and incredible stopping power.

Durability – 25/25
Function – 24/25
Price – 25/25
Design/Fit – 24/25
Total Points Scored 98 = Excellent Product = Meets And Exceeds Expectations.