Wideopen J Day Offroad Deeder Red Fern GP

The Deeder Red Fern GP in Chester, NH has always been know for the epic grass track layout, and this year was no different. With a crazy grass track and perfectly flowing woods the Deeder Red Fern GP was legendary. Heavy rain fell the day before as well as day of, making the race a muddy one, but that didn’t hinder anyone from coming out and checking out the Wideopen J Day Offroad Series.

The Pro 125 moto had all the usual suspects lined up ready to race, front runner Drew Torrance grabbed the early lead and led Kyle Hangos and the rest of the pack around the mystical track until he lost his front wheel and went down in the grass track handing the lead over the Hangos. Torrance would maintain second for the majority of the race before pulling off the track. Jason Connell would make a late moto pass on Josh Cennamo for second in the moto.

The second pro 125 moto started with moto 1 winner Kyle Hangos ripping the holeshot and running away with the moto and the overall win. The battle for second was awesome between Cennamo and Connell, the two battled all moto, Cennamo emerged the victor of the battle securing second over all with Connell in third.
With National Anthem playing the pro class all lined up and the sickest grass track of the year, the pro class was ready to race. When the flag dropped the pack of thundering pros headed towards the first corner, Jon Girroir would power through and take the lead. Robby Marshall and Kyle Hangos were right on his rear wheel keeping the racing action tight, after the first lap Girroir was a good ten seconds out front. The battle for second between Marshall and Hangos was incredible, the two raced wheel-to-wheel every lap, giving fans the show they have come to expect at all J Day Offroad events. Robby Marshall pulled away from Hangos on the last lap and finish a solid second behind Girroir, Hangos third, Connell fourth and Cennamo fifth.

As the rain continued to fall, the grass track got better, bigger berms, faster lines and better spectator viewing. When the flag dropped, Jon Girroir grabbed the STS Motorsports Holeshot award, but went down in the first corner, allowing Marshall to move into the lead. Top runner, Hangos also went down in the first corner. The two would have to fight there way through a stacked pro class on a muddy track. By the second lap Girroir had worked his way to the front in amazing fashion and didn’t stop there, he would push hard all moto winning by over a minute. Robby Marshall finished second with a flat rear tire and a practically blown up engine. The battle for third was incredible all day, Justin Salo, Josh Cennamo, Jason Connell and Michael Sottile were all in a pack flying around the track. On the third lap Salo passed Sottile in the grass track and never looked back finishing 20 seconds in front of Cennamo in fourth, and Connell fifth.

A 1-1 Moto performance by Jon Girroir was more than good enough to wrap up the 2013 J Day Offroad championship for the second year in a row! Huge congratulations to Jon Girroir and the whole Doozer crew who are cheering him on at every round. Come out and see Jon Girroir running the #1 plate in two weeks in New Ashford, MA for the MSR Mohawk GP!

Pro 125
1. Kyle Hangos 1-1
2. Josh Cennamo 3-2
3. Jason Connell 2-3
4. Beau Viens 4-4
5. Alex Higley 5-5

Pro Overall
1. Jon Girroir 1-1
2. Robby Marshall 2-2
3. Justin Salo 6-3
4. Josh Cennamo 5-4
5. Jason Connell 4-5
6. Kyle Hangos 3-7
7. Michael Sottile 7-6
8. Khristian Charpentier 8-9
9. Ryan Vezina 10-8
10. Beau Viens 9-10