Hammer Tested: DT1 Screen Less Filter Cage With DT1 Pre-Oiled Filter

Tested Here On a 2012 CRF450R
Product info from mxfilters.com
Cage – $129.99
Pre-oiled filter – $28.95

DT1 Filter cages are designed to be a direct stock replacement for your filter cage all the while eliminating the need to use the stock backfire screen when in conjunction with a DT1 pre-oiled air filter.


First thing you notice when pulling the new air cage out is the bigger flat sealing area, where the stock cage is narrow and pointed to pinch a seal over the air boot, the DT1 cage is flat and offers almost 3x the sealing area as the stock Honda cage.

Once you have the filter on, the extra surface area and thickness of the aluminum does in fact make the filter cage slightly more difficult to bolt onto the air boot. We attempted to continue to use our Filtron easy turn filter bolt, but it was just maybe a mm too short to grab the threads. So we reverted back to the stock bolt and after some pressure it was able to grab hold of the threads and lock on tight.

Before we talk about the performance of the DT1 cage we need to talk about the performance of the stock cage. The stock Honda cage is heavy due to the thick wire mesh material that Honda uses as a backfire screen, the bike is unable to lug around a corner and if for any reason you chop the throttle would result in a flame out. Overall the bike is definitely held back by the stock cage.

Once bolted on and ready for riding the bike started in two kicks, there was a much smoother idle from start up to warm and once warm purred like a kitten. Out on the track the bike had a noticeably smoother bottom to mid transition that turned into an awesome hit that was nonexistent with the stock cage. From long sweepers to pulling right out of 90 degree bowl turns into sx style doubles that the stocker would simply give up and A.) bog or B.)flame out, but the DT1 cage and filter combo simply rocketed forward and made everything breezy on the track.

After a hard days’ worth of riding on a track that started out tacky and turned into a dust bowl by the end of the day the filter and cage combo continued to work flawlessly. Once we pulled into the garage and removed the cage the results were just as expected a complete seal all the way around the air boot with absolutely zero leaks. Also you can see from the picture that the filter completed its job extremely well with all the dust/dirt on the outside and nothing but spotless filter and oil on the inside.

Now we can’t speak for all bikes, but on our 2012 CRF450 this is by far the best bolt on addition that we have come across. This kit was tested with a full FMF 4.1 w/ mega bomb header as well and not with the stock exhaust, but at a combined price of right around $150 you get the performance of an aftermarket exhaust at a measly one eighth of the cost, and if you already have an aftermarket exhaust (which as long as you aren’t racing stock classes, I advise that you dump it on a long lost corner in the middle of the desert) on your CRF then you for sure need this kit it makes that nice $900 exhaust work like it’s supposed to. When compared (price wise) to similar systems the DT1 kit is right there where the others are and even cheaper than some others.

As a side note our bike was ran with the DT1 oil filter, Maxima 530mx in the crank side, Honda Hp4 in the clutch side, and VP U4.4 fuel.

Durability – 25/25
Function – 25/25
Price – 23/25
Design/Fit – 20/25

Total Points Scored 93 = Excellent Product = Meets And Exceeds Expectations.