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Number one enemy of Horsepower is heat. The hotter an engine runs, the slower it goes. Period.

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Most morden bikes today are built and designed with more than enough power for the average rider. So why does everyone run out and buy a brand new complete exhaust system? Simple. Exhaust systems have that “sex” appeal to them for us dirt bike guys and yes you can alter the engines power curve by selecting an aftermarket exhaust system. But what’s that extra power going to do if you can’t keep the engine cool? Nothing. We think it makes more sense to make improves to areas that can increase the service life of your bike. Win the war on HEAT by improving your bikes cooling system with a Boyesen Super Cooler. Click the image above for your chance to enter and win your very own cooling system upgrade from Boyesen.

Overheating is the temperature point where you (vaporize your coolant instead of your competition) OR (turn your coolant from fluid to steam). Just because your engine is not overheated does not mean that it is not running hot.

With Boyesen water pumps engine temp on lap 10 is the same as on first lap. With other water pumps, lap times go up as engine temp increases. Don’t let your lap times suffer. Besides running more slowly, the hotter the engine runs the sooner it will need those dreaded costly engine repairs. This is because the expansion of the hot metal causes the parts to wear faster compounded by the heat causing the metal to fatigue.

Bottom line: having your engine run cooler increase speed and extends engine life.