@XTreamClean Products Accepting Rider/Driver Support Resumes

X-Tream Clean Products is now accepting rider/driver support resumes for the 2014 racing season in all racing disciplines from motocross, karting, RC hobby, circle track racing and cycling. Rider support resumes can be sent directly to X-Tream Clean Products by mail, email or fax. More information about our Rider Support Program and forms can be found at Mxwash.com.

Please come and join the X-Tream Clean Rider/Driver Team and enjoy the absolute best cleaning solutions made specifically for off-road, on-road or on-water vehicles. Also included in our Rider/Driver Support Program is our X-Factor Tire Prep product line that aids in grip and traction for dirt and asphalt racing applications.

Go ahead and get dirty, we have the solutions to clean ‘em up!

Mail to:

X-Tream Clean Products

Attn: Mark Skerlak

17509 Cambridge Grove Dr

Huntersville, NC 28078

Email: mark@xtreamclean.com

Fax: 704-392-6542

X-Tream Clean Products – developer of specialty cleaning products designed specifically for all powersports vehicles for off-road, on-road or on-water. Also developer of X-Factor Tire Preps used to aid in grip and traction for dirt and asphalt racing applications. X-Tream Clean Products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-corrosive and phosphate free. For more information go to www.mxwash.com.