Chain Lube: X-Tream Clean XTC Chain Lube

X-Tream Clean XTC Chain Lube Gel Spray is unlike many of the chain lube products found on the market today. X-Tream Clean has combined the attributes of lubrication with lock-on technology into one product that will provide superior lubrication without sling off. We really like how the XTC Chain Lube Gel is a gel bodied product that goes on wet (white foam) to penetrate all chain surfaces and then quickly dries to a clear no mess film. X-Tream Clean took a great deal of care to ensure their high performance PTFE gel lube will penetrate those hard to reach areas and then expand to provide long lasting lubrication and rust prevention for your chain. If you are tired of using thick, messy, waxy, dirt and dust attracting chain lube then you need to switch to XTC Chain Lube Gel. This chain lube is designed to dry to a non-tacky film helping to prevent dirt and dust from building up on your chain while still providing X-Tream lubrication. One key feature that stands out for us is that this product is easily cleaned when you’re done riding unlike many waxy chain lubes that are a hassle to scrub off. For cleaning our chains and to remove the XTC Chain Lube we have been using Red Roost Degreaser and a stiff brush with minimal effort and the chain and sprockets come spotless clean. If you’re riding or racing in super wet conditions XTC has you covered as it repels water so it doesn’t just wash off while crossing creeks and mud holes. As with all of X-Tream Clean products XTC was designed with our environment in mind by not containing any CFC’s and is non corrosive. California residents will be happy to hear that XTC is OTC VOC complaint. Product is packaged in a 13 oz aerosol spray and retails for $8.95

Use Recommendations

We use XTC to lubricate standard and o-ring type chains, all the way from our 85cc to 450cc bikes. Simply spray on chain, starting at the front sprocket or rear chain guide area covering entire chain length while rotating the rear wheel. For best results let the lube dry, it will tack up and this only takes a few minutes to do so. We also like to reapply any time the bike returns back to the pit area.