Destry’s Race Report From Las Vegas Endurocross

It was a long day at the races, but definitely worth it. Cooper and I woke up early since he was riding the day qualifiers and was hoping to make it into the Amateur main event. He did awesome, but just missed out after his qualifiers. After he was done around 1:00, it was time to start getting ready for my practice and hot lap. I felt pretty good and really liked the track. It flowed more then some of them and actually had a couple things you could jump. I had a couple of good practices and then had a decent hot lap with only a few mistakes. Once I was done, it was time for a quick dinner and then back to the track again.

I had a pretty stacked heat race, but they’re all stacked these days! I had a good start and was in either 2nd or 3rd after the first corner. They take the top three to the main, so that of course was my goal! Towards the end of the second lap I was in 2nd and made a small bobble in the rock turn and one of my students, Dave Broderick, came up beside me and fell over into my rear wheel. He was riding really well too and now his handlebar went into my spokes and I couldn’t go anywhere. It was one of those moments where I just had to sit there and watch guys go around until he could get it out. I believe I was in 5th at this point and now it was about pushing it again and making up spots. On the last lap I saw Bobby Procnau a couple seconds in front of me! It was time to put in another hot lap and with a few corners to go I was right on him and took an inside line over the rock garden and made it into 3rd at the finish! I was pretty pumped since it’s hard just to get into the main these days! For this year’s series they did something different if you made the main event. Each rider that qualified had to do another hot lap to determine our gate pick. I actually thought it was pretty cool and the crowd could see us really put in one hard lap. I had a great lap going until the final rock corner where I went down. This gave me the 10th gate pick, but to my surprise it worked out! I already knew going into the main event that if I didn’t get a top 3 or 4 gate pick I was going to start on the second row. It was a tight left-hander and everyone would push wide. When we were getting our gate picks I was totally shocked that everyone in front of me lined up on the front row so I started right behind Brown and Blazusiak. I don’t know if they thought starting on the second row wouldn’t look as cool, but I didn’t care since I knew I was going to get all of them out of the first corner. Well I was exactly right, and was third out of the corner behind Brown and Blazusiak. I ran third for the first two laps, but definitely was lacking aggression in some of the corners and was more worried about not going down which was dumb on my part. I believe it was the third or fourth lap, and I was in 5th when I got pushed wide right before the rock section and had to take a bad line and got stuck! By the time I got going again I was dead last and had work to do. I started to make spots up slowly and had Max right in front of me by the time the checkered came out, but just couldn’t do it and finished a disappointing 11th.

Over all Summary:

I was way happier with the way I rode here compared to X Games in Brazil a couple weeks ago! The part that makes me mad is the fact I put myself exactly where I needed to be in the main and just rode a little to tight early in the race. Of course I still had a blast and was happy to make the main event, with the stacked qualifiers we have these days! The bike was awesome and I’m definitely looking forward to 2013!!!

Main Event Results:

1st Mike Brown

2nd Taddy Blazusiak

3rd Colton Haaker

4th Cody Webb

5th Geoff Aaron

6th Taylor Robert

7th Cory Graffunder

8th Kyle Redmond

9th Justin Soule

10th Max Gerston

11th Destry Abbott

12th Jamie Lanza

13th Gary Sutherlin