@ONealMotocross Introduces the all New RDX Boot

Next to a helmet we believe having the proper lower leg protection to be the next most important gear purchase a rider will make regardless of their riding skills or whether they ride moto or off-road. Motocross and off-road is very demanding with a lot of dangerous elements so take proper pre-cautions to protecting your feet, ankles, and shin by purchasing a moto boot that fits your needs and budget.

O’Neal MX has developed a Pro Level boot that is more than just a step ahead of the competition; it is now the boot in which all others are measured by! O’Neal integrated the “Full Tilt RDX Pivot System” which allows for maximum forward and rear motion while the rider changes body position. The second boot strap from the bottom is the “Vice Ratchet Strap” and it’s designed to ensure the perfect comfortable fit around the ankle area. All the buckles feature aluminum alloy for long term durability. What we have found to be an issue sometimes with other boots is that no one’s lower leg (calf) is built the same, so O’Neal developed the RDX boot to have an adjustable shin plate in 3 different size setting, along with a vertical height adjustment for taller riders to complete the custom fit and feel. Take note that the RDX boot was built for motocross and off-road but has the attitude and comfort of a hiking boot. The reason for this is the “Army Rubber” ergonomically designed sole, RDX Pivot System, and integrated Gel with Latex foam interior all working together to offer you all day comfort so you can stay focused on riding.

With the big swing in four strokes bikes it seems most bikes have wider frame rails leading down to the foot peg brackets. The RDX boot will take advantage of these area’s like no other boot with it’s 3-piece super grip and heat resistant rubber plates that will assist you in having constant contact with your bike. Have you ever given much thought to how a boot fits around your toes? Well O’Neal has when they designed the RDX boot to have a slim toe box area that improves shifting with greater shifter and rear brake lever feel. Take notice, O’Neal is committed to providing industry leading boot designs and very well may have re-invented moto boots as we know of them today.

  • Aluminum body “Vice Ratchet Strap” ensures the perfect, secure fit around the ankle
  • “Full Tilt RDX Pivot System” allows maximum forward and rear motion
  • Adjustable shin plate accommodates larger calf sizes in 3 settings for a custom fit
  • “Army Rubber” bonded sole with heavy duty adhesive and a hidden reinforced lock stitch
  • 3 Aluminum Alloy double pin and “Lock-Snap” buckles
  • Vertical height adjustment allows a custom fit for taller riders
  • 3 piece super grip and heat resistant rubber plates, for constant contact with the bike
  • Wrap around Gel and Latex foam interior ankle support
  • Extended length steel shank
  • Slim toe box height for the perfect shift
  • Dual compound rubber/plastic for extra flex at the bottom of the shin plate
  • Replacement ratchet, straps, buckles, rubber sole, foot bed insert, boot upper body and service kit are available
  • Visit O’Neal MX today
  • Retail $399