Interview with Husaberg’s Pela Renet

He’s the only rider ever to win an FIM Motocross World Championship and an FIM Enduro World Championship, and this weekend Husaberg’s Pela Renet starts what will likely be his toughest challenge yet – that of successfully defending his Enduro 2 world title. With five months having passed since the end of the 2012 EWC series, following a well-earned rest the tall Frenchman has been working hard to be 100 per cent ready for this weekend’s GP of Chile. Here Pela gives his thoughts on the season ahead…

It’s said that it is harder to defend a title than to win one, how are you feeling ahead of the 2013 Enduro World Championship opener?

Pela: “I feel good, and I’m looking forward to starting the new championship. I had a great season in 2012 and I’ve been working hard to make sure I can have the best start to the 2013 championship possible. I think it’s difficult to win a world title, and it’s certainly going to be difficult to defend it. Like I said, last year was great, but that was last year. Now I’m focused on this season and doing the best I can. There are many very strong riders in the Enduro 2 class this season – Ivan Cervantes, Johnny Aubert, David Knight, Alex Salvini and Oriol Mena. It’s going to be a great championship battle.”

It’s been five months since the final of the 2012 EWC series in France. How many hours have you spent training, getting ready for 2013?

Pela: “During the last two months – the time when my preparation is at it’s most intensive – I spent on average two hours by day doing physical training. Added to that I’ve been riding three or four times a week. I’m racing the new FE 450, which is great. As well as getting myself into the best shape I’ve been learning the new bike. Husaberg have been working really hard, and the new bike is easier and lighter than last years. I’m confident for this new season.”

You’re the only rider to win an FIM MX and Enduro World Championship, which was harder to win your MX3 or Enduro 2 title?

Pela: “Both championships were hard because both were long and there were good riders in each championship. But The Enduro 2 title is more important because MX3 is not one of the major MX series. Also, in 2012 the Enduro 2 class was the enduro championship with the biggest number of competitors.”

Racing and training obviously takes up a lot of your time, but is there such a thing as a normal week for Pela Renet?

Pela: “I get up around 7.30, maybe at 9.00 if I feel I need to sleep a little more, I take my breakfast, check my emails and take care of some phone calls. Then it’s all about my sport, my training. In the afternoon I will ride, or if not I prepare my bike for the next day. After I return home I spend time with my girlfriend, we eat together and watch TV. I go to bed between 22.30 and 23.30. If I have no competition at the weekend I’ll probably go with my girlfriend on horse show, she’s a horse rider.”

Last year you had mixed results in South America, what are you expecting this year?

Pela: “I expect better results, especially in Argentina. But if the end results are the same – 6/1 in Chile and 4/4 in Argentina – I’m ok with that. Everyone knows what to expect this time, and will have spent time training to be ready for the dry conditions in South America. The most important thing is to make a strong start to the championship. It’s two races, and there are another five back in Europe – that’s important to remember. I’m looking forward to getting back into competition, I just hope it won’t be quite as hot as it was last year.”

Aside from the two races in South America the 2013 series is a little different to that of 2012. Are you looking forward to the races in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, and France?

Pela: “I really liked the races in Sweden and Finland last year, but I’m also looking forward to the races we have in 2013. Spain and Portugal won’t be too much of a surprise, but the races in Greece will be new. I enjoyed the race last time we went to Romania, and generally I like to race in new places. It’s been a long wait but the new season is almost ready to start. I have a new bike and a lot of motivation to do well, I can’t wait to get started…”