Hammer Tested: X-Tream Clean MOTO1 Wash Pack

Dirt bikes get dirty. A lot of riders or racers could spend as much time cleaning and maintaining their machine as they do riding it and that’s ok. A properly maintained dirt bike will offer you longer service life and keep you riding instead of being broke down. Ok now that you are aware that your dirt bike will get dirty and require cleaning, it’s time to cover some cleaning solution products that you could use to make this dirty task a little bit easier.

Dirty bike equals a good time but could mean hrs of cleaning. Not with MX/ATV Wash.

Red Georgia clay is the worst stuff to try and clean from your bike. It stains everything.

One quick note is that we try not to use power washers as they tend to push water in places it shouldn’t be. See we keep our bikes a little longer so we try to take proper action steps to ensure they provide great service and keep the fun factor at its highest. There are so many cleaning products on the market that at times you may not know what to purchase. We kind of stumbled upon XTream Clean products while surfing the net and really liked the fact that their products are environment friendly. Not sure which of their products to use so we just decided on one of their package deals. XTream Clean packages their products together so you can determine which package meets your cleaning needs. At $24.00 the MOTO1 Wash Pack includes a 32 ounce spray bottle of MX/ATV Wash, Mud Guard, Red Roost Degreaser, and at the time a free 13 ounce can of Quick Hit Detail spray.

Rinse all the heavy soil from the bike after it has had time to cool. We used a garden hose with spray nozzle.

As with anything please read the direction for proper use. Step one in using the MX/ATV Wash is to rinse all the heavy soil from the bike after it has had time to cool. For best results make sure you have all mud and debris rinsed from the bike. Next you will spray the entire bike down with the wash solution and allowing it to penetrate 2-4 minutes as per the direction on the bottle. We found 5 minutes worked best for us. Final step is to rinse the bike completely with adequate water pressure. That meaning a pressure washer if you chose, but we found that a good spray nozzle on our garden hose worked pretty good at rinsing the solution and stains from the bike. The product was developed so that there was an easier way to clean your motorsport products with no to little scrubbing. Guess what? The product works as advertised.

Once the heavy stuff is rinsed off, spray the entire bike with MX/ATV Wash and let it soak for 2-5 min.

Turn the spray nozzle on the MX/ATV Wash bottle to stream and spray down the engine and frame area.

We did learn a few things. One is that the MX/ATV Wash worked better around the engine & frame area if the spray nozzle on the bottle was set to stream which helped the cleaner penetrate those tougher stains. If you wish you can order a pump sprayer from XTream Clean that will help with this process. The SP1 is a 48oz industrial chemical resistant sprayer and at $14.95 it’s a must have. Yes the product is designed to limit scrubbing but remember anytime you have excessive grime build up from chain lubes, 2-stroke silencer goo, etc. you will need to treat those areas last with the Red Roost Degreaser. Some of our bikes have a lot of anodized parts and we are pleased that this cleaner is non-corrosive and will not attack these delicate parts. MX / ATV Wash contains three essential ingredients: a washing compound used for cleaning, a wax compound used for shine and Mud Guard used as a shielding agent that allows mud and other debris to be easily removed on your next wash. With the 32oz bottle we were able to wash two full size bikes and had just a little left to clean one pair of moto boots.

After you have let the MX/ATV Wash soak just rinse off with water. Once again a pressure could be used, but we didn’t need anything other than our graden hose with nozzle.

Clean engine area after rinsing with water.

Nice clean bike ready to get dirty all over again.

Now that the bike is clean we treat the grime build up areas with Red Roost Degreaser and a proper cleaning brush as needed. After applying chain lube a few times during the day or if you trail ride that 2-stroke you could end up with oily goo dripping down onto your swing arm or like our YZ the power valve has a drain line that lays along the frame that just drains goo on those laboring trail rides. Once again Red Roost is a non corrosive environmentally friendly multi purpose degreaser that will not harm o-rings, rubber seals, plastic parts, aluminum etc. Safe for all surfaces. The product worked great at removing most grime only with mild scrubbing, leaving our chains, sprockets, and other parts spotless clean. Remember that the key here is to make cleaning those tuff grimy areas easier and Red Roost Degreaser achieves this without harming your bike. The last thing we want is a weathered looking bike due to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Our YZ power valve hose drains oily goo along the frame area. Red Roost cleaned up the mess with ease.

Red Roost Degreaser works excellent on cleaning chains and sprockets

Mud Guard, is there a such thing? Well XTream Clean has a product called Mud Guard that creates a barrier between the mud, grime, and the bike parts for easier cleaning. This product has saved us a great deal of time during the cleaning process and works great with the MX/ATV Wash or other cleaning products. We usually spray a light coat around the engine and frame area and then apply it the plastic body parts using a clean terry cloth to rub into the body parts. Mud Guard also offers a great shine to the plastic body parts while offering the protective barrier for several washes. We prefer to apply the product to a clean dry machine for best results, the bottle says it can be applied wet or dry. Once again this product is non corrosive, non toxic, and biodegradable.

We lightly spray Mud Guard around the engine area; wipe any excess away with a clean cloth. We have a dedicated micro fiber cloth we use to apply Mud Guard to all the plastic body parts, fork tubes, wheels, etc.

If you are like us then you like to put that final touch to your machine once it’s completely clean. Quick Hit Detail Spray is a fast and easy way to get that factory clean bike look. Quick Hit is a great product to use on all plastic parts, rubber hoses, and general bike parts. If using on plastic body parts we found it works best if you spray it directly onto the clean, dry surface and let it stand for 1-2 minutes and then using a clean cloth to wipe to an even film. Once applied the parts are dry to the touch which helps limit the attraction to dirt and dust. Since we have found out that Mud Guard offers a great shine to the plastic body parts we are saving the Quick Hit Detail Spray for our controls, handlebars, hoses, helmets, etc.

In closing we found that all of the products included in the MOTO1 Wash Pack worked great while protecting our delicate parts and offering a great value. Using products that are non corrosive, non toxic, and biodegradable should be on everyone’s mind when you’re making your next purchase for cleaning products. All products are made in the U.S.A so that’s another big plus for us. Each of the products offered a pleasant scent that has replaced the smell of gas and oil in our shop area. Great to use for those of you that has an attached garage or a basement for your work area.

Go ahead and get dirty. XtreamClean has cleaning solution for all your motorsport needs.

  • Durability 23/25
  • Function 24/25
  • Price 24/25
  • Design/Fit 23/25

Total Points Scored 94 = Excellent Product = Meets And Exceeds Expectations