The Sportsmen’s Heritage Act of 2012

December 4, 2012

What is this?

Simple. It is a bill to be passed to help hunters and fisherman gain extra land for use for hunting and fishing, which I am usually for. However, in this instance it also disrupts my riding, and that I am more for than hunting and fishing recreation.

Why should we care?

Apparently, this bill was to be voted on by the Senate on Nov. 26th of this year. However, I have seen in several places where it has not yet been passed or struck down. Now, if this is the truth, as I am just now finding out about this bill, we as riders need to do something in order to have this bill amended or done away with as a whole.

According to Motion Pro and their reading of the bill, and also that of the AMA as well from the article I read, the AMA is opposed to several aspects of the bill, yet some stand out more than others. One of which , Title II, Sec. 201, is the broad definition to protect and secure aquatic habitats and their buffer zones, which could include riding areas both public and private, and this may include current OHV areas and tracks [1].

Another part of the bill the AMA takes issue with is both Sec. 204 and 207 of Title II. Here it is stated that the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the United States Forestry Service (USFS) work to “conserve aquatic habitat”, thus again we have the aforementioned stated issue of possible areas we ride being closed, which again could include both OHV areas and tracks. This could possibly impose very broad restrictions on all BLM/USFS activity, and possibly take priority over the Federal Land Policy and Management Act [1].

What can we do?

You can write or call your state senators and express your displeasure with this act and do your best to cause the bill to fail. According to some resources I have found the bill is already on life support and may not pass, so do what you can to stop the bill from passing in the senate. I am sure none of you want your riding areas threatened, so do what you can to stop this bill from being passed.

Until next time, stay dirty my friends.

Ryan “The 300 Guy” Hackney

© 2012-12-04

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