Hammer Tested: EKS Brand Goggles


If you ride dirt bikes you know how important it is to be able to see clearly. Impaired vision while riding off road is very danger and unsafe for everyone. The people behind the EKS Brand recognize this and offer a solution with their reasonably priced moto goggles. EKS Brand ( XBrand ) has combined quality features and style at a starting price of $28 for youth and $32.00 for adult.

Exclusive four-layer foam arranged in different thickness that offers a great seal and excellent sweat absorption

The goggles come in a few different models. The GOX Limited, Scatter, Flo, Flat Out, and Enduro, these series of goggles are all designed for adults in mind with larger faces while the XGrom model was designed purposely for kids or smaller persons face and head shape. Regardless which model you chose all feature a flexible polyurethane goggle frame that offers great flexibility which allows the goggle to form to the riders face which offers all day comfort and great fit.

Fleece layer on top of the foam really added to the comfort and the sweat absorption

EKS has equipped all models with exclusive four-layer foam arranged in different thickness that offers a great seal and excellent sweat absorption. The goggles feature a polycarbonate plastic lens that offers scratch and fog resistant. Lens replacements is very easy and all come standard with tear off post molded into the lens. We have been using around 5 tear offs at a time with room to add a few more if needed. Just as all goggles EKS is using a woven elastic strap with a user friendly double buckle adjustment. We really like the inner silicone print on the woven strap as it keeps the goggles in place on the helmet.

Woven elastic strap with a double buckle adjustment. Inner silicone print on the woven strap helps keep the goggles in place on the helmet.

At a starting price of $32.00 the Flat Out model carries all the same features but has a solid colored frame in traditional colors with a clear lens. One of our team riders Reed Hughes has been putting the Flat Out model through the paces and loves the comfort and range of view. Let’s face it goggles get abused and require replacement, at $32.00 it’s a little easier on your wallet. Looking for some color and style? Starting at $42.00 you can chose from a brighter assortment of frames and strap colors with tinted or mirrored leans. EKS offers the Limited Series which offer some really unique colors with all the same features.

Protective goggle bag included.

We have tried most all brands of goggles and the EKS brand is not exploring new technologies with their lineup but we feel they are unique enough to stand along. After a few races and practices it’s noteworthy how well they perform. We have found the frame shape works really well with a wide range of helmets including: Fly Racing, HJC, Bell, and Thor while offering a comfort fit around our faces. Temperatures have cooled here some in Georgia but you can manage to work up a good sweat while riding and we are impressed how well the face foam absorbs sweat. Having a fleece layer on top of the foam really added to the comfort and the sweat absorption. Fogging of the lens seems to be a non issue to date, the goggles vent well enough to help prevent this. Looking through the goggles we noticed a nice wide unobstructed view and really appreciate the tinted lens on the bright sunny days. When you consider an excellent fit, great style and reasonable priced, these goggles have become a favorite of ours.

Next time we might try the Enduro Model that features a dual pane vented lens for those cold days when we are riding 1st gear single track with little air flow.

For more information and purchasing please visit EKS Brand today.

  • Durability 23/25
  • Function 24/25
  • Price 25/25
  • Design/Fit 23/25

Total Points Scored 95 = Excellent Product = Meets And Exceeds Expectations

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