Fly Racing Barricade Long Sleeve Body Armor

Protect your entire upper body with one piece of safety equipment – the Fly Racing Barricade Long Sleeve Body Armor. A blend of high-impact hard plastic and YF-brand soft armor surround the torso and arms with comfortable armor. The Fly Racing Barricade is for those seeking maximum protection. As with motocross racing, this body armor suit never gives up.

MSRP $139.95

– High impact molded chest with integrated hard plastic plates for maximum protection and comfort.
– Back and chest protection is removable for use with your favorite roost guard.
– Built-in kidney belt for added protection.
– Adjustable straps allow for an extensively customized fit.
– Genuine YF brand shoulder and elbow protection.
– Articulating impact resistant back protection.
– All hard plastic protection is removable for cleaning.

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