Remember to Check & Change Your Engine Oil

All motorcycles will consume engine oil. Each manufacturer has different acceptable consumption rates for their motorcycles. New motorcycle engines burn oil more rapidly until fully broken in. Older motorcycles may consume more oil as they reach their service limits.

Because of this, all motorcycle owners should know how to check their engine oil level. Proper procedures are detailed in your motorcycle owners manual. The owners manual will also list the type and amount of engine oil required and oil change intervals. Listed oil change intervals should be considered maximum.

Understanding how to change your motorcycle engine oil is worth knowing as well. When changing your engine oil and filter, the motorcycle should be at operating temperature. Hot oil drains more quickly and carries out more foreign matter not trapped by the oil filter. Your motorcycle repair manual will outline procedures for oil and filter service as it relates to your particular model.

Contaminated oil greatly increases damage to engine parts. Changing your motorcycle engine oil frequently is your best defence against premature wear.

Our four stroke bikes use Maxima Extra4 which is a 100% synthetic motor oil featuring advanced additive technology. By using today’s most advanced additive systems and high-performance synthetic ester based stocks, Maxima has engineered what they believe to be the finest 4-cycle motorcycle specific oil available on the market today. The very latest shear stable polymer systems have been used to assure viscosity stability and virtually eliminate transmission “shear-down” of the oil.


-100% Triple Ester blend Reduces friction & engine temperatures
-Viscosity Stable Anti-wear & Anti-scuff additives
-All weather formula Easy starts
-Reduces engine wear Improves fuel economy
-Smoother transmission shifting Superior engine cleanliness
-Extends drain intervals Formulated for “Wet” clutches
-Exceeds JASO-MA M/C 4T Specs Exceeds API SG/CC Specs

-Retail $16.50

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