Step 23: Devol Engineering Offroad Accessories

If you’re headed off road you need to make sure you protect those vital bike parts so you don’t get left stranded trail side. Busting the water pump housing is no fun as all the engine coolant pours out onto the ground and leaves your bike overheated. Having a rock bust a hole in an engine case will start to get pretty expensive, probably because you will never be aware of it until the engine or transmission locks up. My 05 YZ250 has had some form of a skid / glide plate from day one, and the frame rails and engine cases are proof that skid / glide plates work. When this project started the bike was equipped with a moto style glide plate that doesn’t offer water pump housing or ignition cover protection. Looking for more “off road” protection I turned to Devol Engineering for one of their high grade aluminum skid plates. Devol skid plates offers a very strong mounting system with full frame rail protection. These guys know the off road market and that’s why you’ll find water pump and ignition cover protection for some of the most gnarly trails you may encounter. Most skid plates will have venting slots for airflow and they all feature oil drainage holes, all while being light weight and effective at protecting those vital engine parts.


Properly working brakes are a must right? Probably the single most important system on the bike because of the safety factor is the brakes. The rear disc on any bike is kind of tucked away and would seem to be out of harm’s way unless you are making your way through a rocky section with rocks ranging from baseball to watermelon size. Sometimes just the flying debris from the front tire can send smaller rocks toward the rear disc and damage the leading edge. Devol manufactures a high grade aluminum disc guard that covers the entire front leading edge of the disc while being easy to install and is light weight and very effective at protecting the rear disc. Installation does require the rear axle to be removed and the right side wheel spacer will need to be replaced. Devol includes a replacement wheel spacer that’s been machined to be more narrow than the OEM spacer. The reason for this new wheel spacer is because the axle will need to pass through the disc guard for installation.

I am not sure why I have waited so long to add fork bleeders to this bike. For years I have been fighting those tiny screws in the fork caps with a small screw driver. Devol offers a great micro set of fork bleeders that are easy to install with a small 8mm wrench. Now with the bike on the stand and ready to ride, with a little push of a button I can purge the air out of the forks within seconds. This makes it extremely easy to perform this task throughout the day. As before I did it once during the morning and that was it because of fighting those little bleed screws.


Devol Engineering offers a great product line of off road accessories for a wide range of makes and models. Made in the U.S.A is a huge plus for me.

About DeVol Engineering

DeVol Engineering is located at the base of Mount Rainier in the small town of Enumclaw, Washington. DeVol Engineering was founded by current owner, Ted DeVol of Seattle, Washington. DeVol is the innovators and leaders of Alloy protection and performance Suspension.

We back up our name, reputation, services, testing and products with 30+ years experience. Our technicians are very experienced and fully qualified to handle every one of your personal needs. From full performance upgrades, protective products,suspension rebuild/ revalve services and parts, we can handle every one of your off-road motorcycle, ATV/ UTV and snow machine needs.