Step 22: SDG Innovations Custom Seat

With all the many different ways to personalize your bike today, it can become overwhelming. Think about all the graphic companies out there and the colors and styles they offer. Which background color to choose? What color graphic kit and style to use? Logos and placement?  These questions just clog my head up when I am trying to pick out new skins for the dirt bike. Not to mention color choices for wheels, body parts, anodized parts and accessories, grip colors, handle bars, etc. the list goes on and on. So I take my confusion over to my wife for a little help in the matter. Me-Hey honey which graphic kit do you like best? Honey-“Does the bike still run? Me-Yes. Honey-“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” Me-You know what I really want to say but to keep the peace I’ve learned to just make the selection myself and go with it. Heck I’ll be changing them again after several months anyways right?

SDG Innovations just adds to the whole personalization confusion I tend to find myself  in, due to all their custom seat designs and styles. If choosing what color graphics wasn’t hard enough, now I have the option to put a little personal touch into the seat that’s on my bike. SDG has been offering quality seats since 1991 for both dirt bikes and ATVS. SDG offers many colors options and styles and even placement of custom logos. Some of the styles are as follows; standard model for stock seat height, there’s the low model which is for shorter riders, then there’s the tall model which accommodates riders over 6ft tall. Finally the step model which is used to keep the rider in place during hard accelerations. The step model has become very popular on the four stroke power plants today.

If you have been following along with this bike build you probably caught on that the bikes theme is blue and red. Blue being the main color for the body parts and red being the color choice for parts, accessories, and graphics. So once again I was confused on color choices, but this time it’s for the seat and not graphics. Should I go with solid black, solid blue, red sides, or black top? Well I made the decision to go with black sides and a red pleated top. The red pleated top just makes the seat stand out and tops off the complete bike. The pleats on the top side are another design by SDG used to keep you in position during hard accelerations. Check out the custom logos on the sides of the seat. SDG advised me to contact 180 Decals for custom seat logos and WOW I am so glad I did. The process was simple as contacting 180 Decals and forwarding over to them the logo and $10 bucks later the logos are at SDG Innovations getting stitched onto the seat cover. During this entire process of putting together this custom seat SDG’s customer service was great. They replied to every single e-mail and answered every question I had over the phone. I could have never imagined being an average rider and having access to the same seats the “Factory” level riders enjoy on their “Factory” level bikes.

Follow along as I am going to give you some of the features and benefits of having a complete seat from SDG. This is not my first SDG seat, well over a year ago I became a dedicated user of their seats based off the functionality and quality. Get this; you can replace your O.E.M seat at a fraction of the cost. Did you know it can cost about the same to replace the seat foam and seat cover as it does for a complete SDG seat? Do you know what the best part is? You don’t need to fight with the seat cover installation, just two bolts (my YZ250) and 30 seconds and you’re riding again. SDG uses an industry leading seat foam that is water resistant closed cell foam that reduces breakdown of the foam from years of use. This allows the seat to keep that like “NEW” feeling longer. Making the seat lighter and stronger than the O.E.M was a huge under taking by SDG. To accomplish this they use a nylon seat base instead of the factory polypropylene seat base. You will find all seats come complete with coated seat brackets and two stage gripper seat covers that are double stitched for long term use. If you’re looking for a more custom seating position SDG offers you a few choices from standard, low, high, and even stepped seat options to accommodate riders of all heights and skill levels. I highly recommend that you take a look at SDG Innovations for your next butt cushion for your dirt scooter. You will appreciate the professional service and quality product and best of all your new seat installs in seconds and you’re ready to ride again.