Step 21: Acrebis Off Road Fuel Tank

Wow!! This tank holds a lot of pre-mix is the first thing that came to mind when I lifted the tank out of the wrapped box. While at the track I’m use to a full stock tank of pre-mix lasting most of the day. O.K I admit I would do a few laps and head back to my lounge chair with a cold drink in my hand and watch my son rip around on his YZ85. With my curiosity of off-road racing and with a little research on my own, it seems that just in a 2-3 hr race I may burn most of the 3.2 gallons of fuel out of this Acrebis Oversize Tank. Once this project kicked off and I was focused on building an off-road race bike, it became clear that I needed to start training. Riding for 2-3 hours straight is a huge step up from riding a few laps and chillin’ in the lounge chair, ride a few, chill for a few, you get the picture. Well since my only bike is in the process of being rebuilt I wasn’t going to get in shape from riding, so I have been hanging out at the gym three days a week (well I miss a day ever now and then) Guess what? It’s working, so far I have dropped 20lbs and looking to drop 10 more lbs come race time. All the while improving my strength and conditioning.

Let’s get back on track and talk more about off-road racing and this Acrebis off-road tank. I have searched around enough on the internet along with what little I have hung out at off road events to know that Acrebis is a very popular choice for all off road racers, from weekend warriors to GNCC and WORCS pros. A few things come to mind about oversize tanks. First the reason you’re installing one is to extend your range between fuel stops or to eliminate fuel stops all together right? Some off road events can cover well over a 100 miles of ground here on the east coast. Not to mention eduro’s or west coast races which can push your body and your bikes limits while covering hundreds of miles. Second would be fit and feel. I have become acustom to the slim fit of the Yamaha O.E.M tank which allows my knees to be pulled in closer but it limits the fuel quantity for off road races. Acrebis has been able to increase fuel quantity up to 3.2 gallons from 2.1 gallons that the O.E.M tank provides while keeping a slim feel. The tank will carry the extra fuel really well as it was designed to be focused on keeping the center of gravity as low as possible so it should not provide any ill effects on the bikes handling or comfort. Expect a little more weight as you are now carrying and extra gallon plus of fuel.

The tank now comes with a revolutionary gas cap that allows refilling without removing the gas cap. The MDR CAP in combination with the Acerbis Speedy Quick Fill System can add 4 gallons to a fuel tank within 13 seconds. This system functions much like a dry brake and is specifically designed for race applications where every second counts in the pits. Sometimes races can be won or lost in the pits. The MDR cap also functions as a traditional gas cap as needed. Acerbis includes two fuel petcocks. You will find the main fuel petcock and then the optional fuel petcock which will allow for equal fuel consumption from both sides of the fuel take as the fuel level lowers maximizing ever once of fuel from the tank. You must drill a 10mm hole to mount the optional fuel petcock and Acrebis provided all the needed hardware and fuel line to plum it all together. In the pictures you can see that I decided to upgrade the fuel line to improve fuel line routing on this bike. offers a complete line of replacement dirt bike fuel tanks and plenty of parts and accessories for all makes and models.

Key Features

• Impact & abrasion resistant.

• This 3.2 gal. fuel tank has a narrow profile for optimal control of the motorcycle.

• Tanks come complete with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.

• Acerbis replacement cap included.

• Quick fill system.

• Available in natural or blue for YZ’s.

• Other color options for other makes and models.