Step 20: Maxxis SI Performance Tires

What tire should I buy? This is a common question I see posted on many of the off road forums. In my opinion you just need to learn a few things from trial and error. One tire brand could offer the very best performance for one rider with his style, bike, terrain, etc. This doesn’t mean it will be the same great tire for you. It helps if you know what you’re looking for in a tire, I’m looking for traction, handling, and durability. My knuckles have the scars to show all the trial and error I have had with tires over the years but I have always came back to Maxxis tires. I guess what really got me hooked on Maxxis tire was back in the day I use to ride the mighty KX500 and Maxxis tires offered the best wear, traction, and handling for me and the Kawi 500. Well you know the story you get older and things hurt a little more and you get a little smarter with age so I got out of the KX500 market and jumped onto the 250CC 2-stroke power plants. Since I have tried about every tire out there, for me Maxxis has the value and features that work for me.

When mapping out this bike build tire choice was pretty easy, it was going to be Maxxis SI tires and nothing else. People have strong opinions regarding tires and that’s fine, just remember what works for you and what offers you the most value in the features you seek are most important. Maxxis tires have been developed and tested on the GNCC series and are being used from the East to West coast with a variety of terrains. Many top pros trust Maxxis tires to perform under the most extreme conditions found in off road racing today. The SI race proven tire compound provides excellent traction in soft and intermediate conditions, but performs really nice on the hard pack that you find around the Georgia area here where I live and ride. Maxxis designed the knob bridges on the side lugs to be anti-flex to offer straight line stability under heavy throttle and speed. Having this anti-flex designs for the side lugs also allows the tire to provide excellent grip for those of you with aggressive corner style. I highly recommend for your next tire change that you select a Maxxis tire that matches your riding conditions and go experience the performance for yourself. Maxxis is committed to offering quality tires that perform and the SI is proof that Maxxis is taking tire performance to the next level. Visit Maxxis online today and who knows you might even find a set of tires for your truck as they offer tires for a wide variety of vehicles.