Step 19: Works Connection Accessories

There is always a joy in getting that brand new bike, but it’s even more rewarding to me to have that same new bike several years later and it still perform while remaining competitive even with today’s high tech 4-strokes. Shortly after purchasing this bike I noticed the abuse the frame had been taking from my moto boots. Knowing that I would be keeping this bike for a few years I needed to add some frame protection to help reduce the long term wear I was getting ready to throw its way. With a little research it was revealed that there are a few different types of materials being used for frame guards that were being manufactured. The plastic frame guards just didn’t seem like they would last very long and the carbon fiber units were just too expensive so I decided to go with aluminum frame guards from Works Connection. Pricing was right in the middle between plastic and the carbon fiber guards while offering CNC machined and formed aircraft grade 5052 aluminum. It’s obvious Works Connection paid close attention to the details as the frame guards offered a very simple perfect bolt on installation with all necessary hardware included. As you can see in the pictures the frame guards have done their job and have received years of abuse. I’m only replacing them with new guards to freshen up the look of the bike. These seven year old Works Connection frame guards are still very functional and might find their way onto another YZ250 in the near future. Another feature that I really liked was that the frame guards provided more surface area that was flatter so I could have better grip and control over the bike with my moto boots. Having the right side frame guard wrap around the edge of the rear brake master cylinder was no accident as it protects the master cylinder from un-needed wear or impact from objects.

Plastic rear brake caliper guards are pretty common with all dirt bikes manufactured to date and seem to serve some level of protection to the rear caliper. Well within the past seven years I have had to replace the plastic caliper guard only once from crash damage. Luckily the impact was only enough to break the plastic guard. This type of crash damage could easily end your day of riding or race if you lose the rear brakes from a serious impact. To improve my riding experience and ensure I get to finish my race or ride, I replaced the factory plastic caliper guard with the Works Connection aircraft grade aluminum rear caliper guard. The aluminum guard is stronger than the plastic unit and will offer greater protection to the all important rear brakes. Straight forward simple bolt on replacement of the stock guard ensure anybody can install this rear caliper guard. If required the rear caliper guard will include any needed hardware for other makes and models, but for my YZ250 no other hardware is needed other than the two bolts that were used to mount the stock plastic guard.

Most people over look the fuel tank vent or don’t realize its important role it plays in supplying fuel to the bikes fuel system. Yes it’s that odd looking little piece of hose coming out of the tanks gas cap. OK it doesn’t necessarily supply the fuel but if the fuel tank doesn’t vent (allow air in) then fuel can’t flow out. Works Connection offers their fuel tank vent cap with a CNC machine check valve from billet aluminum and anodized black with a very distinctive laser etched “WC” logo. This little guy offers the same features as a stock fuel tank vent cap but adds that little extra to the overall look of the bike and makes a great replacement of the stock hose and check valve if ever needed.

It seems that dirt riders try to take small steps in preventing crash damage so you can finish your race or enjoy the rest of the days trail ride. For myself I fall right into this category because I have been on the other side of this where I’m loading the bike up early and headed to the house. Being properly prepared is always a must and it can be easy at times to hobble the bike down the trail back to the truck and replace broken parts. It’s not that easy for the racers, going down and breaking something on the bike can end your race at that moment. In addition to the multi directional levers I have added to the bike I felt I could still get the front brake reservoir and lever even more crash prevention by installing Works Connection rotating bar clamp. Having a rotating bar clamp that incorporates a nylon sleeve allows the brake assembly to rotate as needed upon impact. Works Connection offers these in the following available anodized colors blue, red, silver, and orange.

So if you’re looking for bike protection or other bike accessories then head over to Works Connection and check out all the “Works” level parts they offer that are made right here the in the USA.

Stay Tuned. Product Review Coming Soon On The New Factory4 Bike Stand.