Maxima Brake Fluid

Maxima Brake Fluid is offered in DOT4, SYN DOT4 Hi-Temp, and DOT5 Silicone. If you like dragging the rear brakes then you will appreciate the minimum boiling point of 600 degrees that SYN DOT4 offers which ensures fade free operation. This means you maintain a progressive feel in the brake pedal and most importantly braking power to slow down or maneuver the bike. Quick tip for you weekend bike techs, make sure you flush the brake systems on your bike annually, but if you race you should be flushing brake fluid maybe every 90 days depending on usages and race schedule. Reason for this is that heat from the brake disc and pads is transferred into the caliper piston and into the brake fluid. The heat will break down the fluid quickly and reduce performance. Brake fluid also absorbs moisture which is another reason to change the brake fluid.

Product Features

• SYN DOT4 and DOT4 are compatible with other DOT3 and DOT4 fluids.

• Don not mix DOT5 Silicone with any other brake fluids.

• Anti-vapor lock formula

• Great for hydraulic clutch systems.

• Recommended for all motorcycles.

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