Step 16: Pro Circuit Exhaust System

One of the most common modifications being made to dirt bikes is the replacement of the factory exhaust system whether you’re riding a 2-stroke or 4-stroke. This could be driven by the fact it is very simple to replace the exhaust system or the fact that it allows you an easy way to change the power curve of your bike to fit your riding style or needs. For us “gear heads” when we hear the word “exhaust” we relate it to everything high performance from cars, trucks, boats, well about any type of motorsport racing in general and that leads us to thinking we must have one right? Most all bikes being manufactured today will come with an exhaust system that will produce more than enough power for us immortals, but the beauty in all this is changing the power output to produce more low end, more mid range punch, or just flat out top end rev. What about a power increase across the entire power curve? You can have that too. Many factors to consider and brands to choose from but you must first figure out what you want to achieve with purchasing a new complete exhaust system. Consider what the bike is being used for, this could be desert, east coast single track, motocross/supercross, etc. What part of the power curve do you ride in most or find most useful? While riding when do you notice you could use more power or power control? Coming out of rutted corners? Negotiating roots and rocks? Need traction? There are many other examples and conditions, just figure out what you need and what fits you’re riding style and budget.

My choice was simple; I know that I ride in the low and mid range most of the time and that I will be encountering rocks, roots, and hills while out on Georgia’s single track or race course. For me my bike will be easier to ride and maneuver through and over the rocks, roots with more added low end grunt while clipping the pine trees at a high rate of hurry. The Platinum2 Pro Circuit Pipe was built and designed for those of us that ride or race off-road. Since I have converted myself from a moto guy to an off road trail goat so I had to get rid of that peaky power of the stock pipe and get something that can help with power control and traction within the power curve where I like to ride. Pro Circuits P2 pipe offers incredible performance gains in the low and mid-range portion of the power curve. Unless you’re a top level rider you will not even really notice any performance changes at the top end and if you do it’s very little. While riding or racing off road there could be some other elements exposed to the pipe that you might not come across on the motocross track. That’s way the Pro Circuit P2 pipe is constructed from heavy duty 18 gauge steel, this offers increased protection from damage (rocks, stumps, etc.) and might even limit that dreadful crash damage. Ever owned a “works” style pipe? They a are truly a beautiful piece of 2-storke art work but as you may already know they require a huge amount of maintenance to keep the finish and those gorgeous welded seams rust free and looking good for years. No worries here as the Platinum2 Pipe is nickel plated to prevent rust and give years of maintenance free shine.

Even though the Pro Circuit P2 pipe was designed for off road use I wanted to add a little more protection to the pipe by installing a Flat Land Racing pipe guard. Flat Land Racing is located in Emporia, KS and they design and build top quality off road parts. Designing and building 2-stroke pipe armor was Flat Land Racing’s original off road product and it still remains the toughest pipe guard built today. Each pipe guard is made form 1/8” laser cut aluminum blanks and then pre-formed to fit each specific model bike. Flat Land Racing will manufacture a pipe guard for your aftermarket or O.E.M pipe just as they did for my Pro Circuit P2 pipe. All pipe guards include stainless steel mounting clamps and installation is just as simple as following the included instructions. Flat Land Racing pipe guards can be a less expensive choice than carbon fiber and offer more durable protection for your expensive 2-stroke pipe.  

This was as good as any time to pitch the tired heavy O.E.M silencer which has proven its worth with 7 years of service, but it’s tired, beat, and in need of replacement. To complement the improved power of the P2 pipe I decided to go with the Pro Circuit 304 Factory Sound silencer. When compared to the R-304 (shortly) the 304 offers a longer canister body which reduces noise output. Have you ever had to repack a silencer? What about an oil soaked silencer that weights 10lbs? Well even with this beautiful PC 304 silencer it will still need serviced at some point but PC has made servicing as easy as it can be with a removal stainless steel end cap and inner core. Besides the obvious quality materials and workmanship the PC 304 silencer offers lighter weight with increase in performance over the O.E.M unit.