Step 15: Ride Engineering Products

Looking for factory inspired products? Well I found plenty of them at Ride Engineering. At first glance someone may think that I’m just installing some fancy anodized parts to enhance the appearance of my project bike, true but these products offer so much more. Ride Engineering designs their products to optimize motorcycle performance while enhancing its appearance and has been doing so since 2001 right here in the U.S.A.

Improving the overall performance and ride experience is goal number one for this project. Braking performance is very important right? It doesn’t mean anything if you can carry a lot of speed if you’re not able to control it or slow it down as needed. For your safety and other always inspect and check the operation of your brake system before each ride. O.E.M brake components work o.k but installing Ride Engineering Braided Steel Lines will improve the “feel” at both the front and rear brake levers. How? Most bikes come with hard plastic hydraulic lines that expanded as pressure builds inside the line which cause more pressure needed to be placed on the levers. Most refer to this as brake “fade”. Braided steel lines offer zero expansion under all riding conditions which allows less effort at the brake levers but more stopping power being applied to the calipers. One thing to keep in the back of your mind is that you will need to learn to use the brake levers with a little more “touch” than you did before with the O.E.M brake lines. These brake lines show to be extremely flexible using Dupont Teflon steel. They should never crack or leak during the lifetime of your dirt bike.

Ever removed the rear or front wheel for service and have the wheel spacers fall out and roll under the tool box or work bench? What about trying to install the rear wheel axle and the opposite side wheel spacer gets cocked to one side or falls out? Ride Engineering Wheel Spacers are designed to stay put when re-installing or removing your wheels. This helps eliminate that “third hand” often required to catch the spacer falling out of the seal. Wondering how they make this possible? At a quick glance the Ride Engineering wheel spacers look no different than O.E.M. But take a closer look and you’ll notice a more pronounced lip area on the leading edge of the spacer that inserts into the seal. This locks the wheel spacer into the seal allowing them to stay in place. Trust me these spacers will stay in place even during those dreaded tire changes. Awesome product and improves the service ability of my bike while adding a little “Bling”.

Adjusting chains is just part of riding dirt bikes. Chain adjustment is required as the chain stretches and each time the rear wheel has been removed. O.E.M axle blocks have alignment marks engraved in them to allow for proper axle alignment and chain adjustments. One of the most common things you may hear on the internet or from your riding buddies is not to trust or use the factory alignment marks. Why do you think that is? Well I can’t speak for all makes and models but my YZ250 has a pretty relaxed fit for the axle blocks and they tend to rock up and down sitting inside the swing arm. Ride Engineering precision machines their axle blocks for a better swing arm fit which helps provide a more accurate chain alignment. They also reduce or eliminate the “rocking” of the axle blocks while sitting inside the swing arm. You will find that they are 6mm longer than O.E.M axle blocks to keep the chain adjustment bolts less extended and come with two M8 hex nuts to allow you to “double lock” the adjustment bolts.

Ride Engineering now offers a small kit that includes 2 billet valve caps, 2 rim-lock spacers (each sized for the front and rear rim diameter), 2 hex flange nuts to keep the rim-lock spacers secure and 2 small o-rings to help seat the valve caps. Valve Cap & Rim Lock Spacer kits both functional and cosmetic, the rim-lock spacers create a uniform contact surface to the rim to help prevent cracking. This kit really dresses up a set wheel and provides that factory look.

Handlebar area getting a little cramped? Ride Engineering Stop/Start Switch replaces the O.E.M stop switch completely. Being integrated into the clamp that holds the clutch lever or front brake master-cylinder allows this item to eliminates one component completely off the motorcycle to make handlebar changes faster and easier than ever before. This unique feature creates more space for hand guards, lap timers and other handlebar mounted accessories. You could even have two of these Ride Engineering switches, one used for elec. start models and mounted to you front brake while the other is mounted to the clutch perch, freeing up even more space and providing less clutter on your handlebars.

RIDE ENGINEERING was founded on September 1st 2001 by Adrian Ciomo-President. Located in Costa Mesa California near the heart of the motorcycle industry, RIDE specializes in products that customize the motorcycle to optimize motorcycle performance while enhancing its appearance. All RIDE ENGINEERING motocross products have been thoroughly track tested by professional racers for performance and durability. By combining rider feedback with our engineering expertise, we produce the highest quality products available at a fair price and we do it all here in the U.S.A.. With your help demanding Ride Engineering products by name, we (Ride Engineering and our Customers) are indirectly supporting over half a dozen local manufacturing facilities, insuring jobs and strengthening the national economy. email:

Adrian Ciomo is a degreed mechanical engineer with a master’s in marketing and a passion for motorcycles that he has had since his teens. He is still an avid motocross rider frequently testing Ride products for function and durability on pavement, off-road and motocross. Prior to starting RIDE, Adrian spent over four years as product manager for Yamaha’s Accessory Division working closely with most of the Yamaha backed race teams in motocross, road race, freestyle and off-road. These experiences motivated him to form RIDE ENGINEERING, a company that brings factory inspired products to riders of all major brands.