Step 14: Stopping Power EBC Brakes

You may be asking yourself how will I slow down or stop this 2-stroke freight train. I have asked myself that same question many times before turning to EBC Brakes for some serious braking power. When it comes down to Brakes there is one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that’s EBC Brakes. The reason I have given so much thought to this because it’s so important that your brakes work and perform correctly regardless if you’re racing or having an easy trail ride. Things happen so fast while riding dirt bikes and you need to be able to react by slowing or stopping your bike. Brakes play a huge role in controlling your speed while giving you the confidence to carry more speed through your favorite sections. If you don’t understand the functions and service needs of your brake system I would recommend you let a trained technician perform those services for you.

I have always wanted to run the oversize front rotors that I have seen on most factory level bikes but just never put up the extra cash for one. You know how it goes, every time you think you’re about ready to spend the money something always comes up that takes priority. For a working guy like me it’s been bills, family, and of course the bike(s) always needs tires, top ends, handlebars, grips, and other things I tend to break or wear out. So I deiced instead of using a Georgia pine to slow me down I would upgrade the front brakes with a EBC Brakes 280mm Oversize Front Rotor Kit. Installation of the kit is very quick, easy, and should raise braking power by 30% while providing better braking control. Just as the O.E.M front rotor the EBC over sized rotor is a fully free floating design which allows the rotor to resist warping from impact. Also included in the kit was the billet aluminum relocating bracket for the front brake caliper.

Both front and rear O.E.M rotors on this 7 year old bike were getting tired and worn out. With the upgrade to the front completed I turned my attention to the rear brake system. Some key features you can find in both the front and rear EBC Rotors are stainless steel materials with the exact carbon content combined with a perfect heat process which brings us an off-road tough rotor that has great friction yet is still resistant to corrosion. At the rear of the machine you’ll find a contour EBC rotor that reduces weight and features self cleaning cut outs for mud and other debris. Visit EBC Brakes online today and you will find yourself plenty of options to meet your off road and braking needs from brake pads, moto and enduro specific rotors, clutch kits, and other motor sport products.

About EBC Brakes

With business commencing in 1978, the company has grown from an importer distributing products from a single van to a multi-national group employing over 400 staff located in three countries and worldwide sales in excess of $100 million and is now known as the FREEMAN GROUP of Companies.

The group product range comprises brake discs, clutches and disc brake pads for motorcycles, all terrain vehicles (ATV or Quads), mountain bikes, go karts (or shifter karts) and automobiles.

The group also owns 100% of the shareholding of EFI (European Friction Industries Ltd) of Bristol, UK who are Europe’s no.1 independent manufacturer of disc brake pads. EFI has a 50 year pedigree of manufacture in heavy brakes such as commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers), earth moving equipment such as bulldozers and dump trucks, and railway applications. Its products are the preferred choice of numerous rail networks including Docklands Railway, Tyne Tees Metro system, and are specified by the original equipment builder Tectran in the United States.

The group is still currently owned by the founder and now Managing Director Andy Freeman who is a strong proponent of British manufacturing. The motto at EBC Brakes and EFI is NOT to import any brake product from third world countries and to manufacture every piece possible in its own facilities.

They are proud of their products, proud of their team that works for them, and intend to continue to develop their ideas based on British and US manufacturing of quality products for the discerning buyer.