Step 13: Engine Protection DT-1 Air Filters

DT-1 Filters will be responsible for keeping my freshly rebuilt air hammer clean and free of debris, even during those dry dusty summers here in Georgia. Most importantly she will experience less engine wear and I will be able to maximize the engine life. The DT-1 Air Filters are manufactured with the highest quality bonded dual layer foam available. DT-1’s world class foam technology delivers maximum clean airflow while maintaining critical engine protection from dirt. The DT-1 filter comes with an exclusive super seal base which eliminates the need for grease to be used around the air filter sealing surface. I’m sure you have heard the old saying “old habits die hard” well there’s some truth to that old saying; I will be using a light film of grease as it’s an old habit for me. DT-1 air filters are available standard or pre-oiled. For this project I chose to have one of each on hand and went ahead and installed the pre-oiled filter and will prep the other filter for future use. Having a few extra ready to use air filters can speed up bike maintenance and have the bike ready to ride again. Their pre-oiled filters are oiled with the highest quality flame resistant bio-degradable filter oil. For ease of cleaning and oiling the pre-oiled filters I recommend you use DT-1 Filter oils and cleaners as they work together to ensure maximum cleaning of the foam element and dirt trapping protection for the engine. If you’re going to use the standard non oiled filters of course you could start with your favorite oil and cleaner but DT-1 Filters offers products designed to be used with their filters.

Let’s switch gears just a little and talk about air filters in general and few tips I have learned along the way. Air filters should be cleaned after each ride for best performance. Each and every time the filter is cleaned check the seams for tears or separation. Most filters are bonded together with adhesives. Remember that filters don’t last forever. Over time the seams will split and the foam starts to break down. Most filters should be replaced after 15-20 cleanings (my opinion). Never clean the filter with gasoline due it being flammable and it attacks the adhesive used to bond the filter parts together. Gasoline also can open up the pores of the air filter foam and decrease it’s effectiveness to trap dirt. Most air filter manufacturers make specific air filter cleaners and oil for properly cleaning and oiling air filters. Apply filter oil evenly across both the outer and inner surfaces of the filter, and squeeze the filter a few times, while adding oil as needed until the filter becomes saturated with oil. Never twist the air filter to remove excess oil.

As I stated earlier you can make air filter maintenance easier by having a 2-3 extra DT-1 Filters already cleaned and oiled. You can store these filters in a plastic bag. Disposable nitrile gloves are great for keeping your hands clean while applying filter oil or changing filters. Air filter covers are becoming popular and can extend the service intervals of the air filters. Filter covers are a cloth like or foam cover that slips over the air filter. After removing your air filter take a flash light and inspect the inside of the air box behind the filter for any dirt which would indicate a leak. Before you wash your bike remove the air filter and replace it with an air filter wash cap (hard plastic piece shaped like the filter) this allows you to wash the inside of the air box. Never use high pressure water to clean the air box.

Now get off the Internet, load up your gear, bike and get out there and ride. Wait!! Make sure you have a clean and properly oiled DT-1 Air Filter installed and ready for the elements.