Step 11: Fasst Company Flexx Handlebars

The trend today with most bike manufactures is “big bars” as standard equipment from the factory. Most in part due to the popularity of the 1 1/8 diameter bars ability to reduced vibration and added flex, both help reduce rider fatigue.

The handlebar is probably the single most important point of contact between you and your dirt bike and depending on the brand, style, and even material can contribute to your capacity to ride for long periods of time or deprive your hands and arms of the needed strength to operate and control your dirt bike. Most of us know this to be arm pump and for those of us that have experienced it know how unbearable it can be.

Fasst Company is way ahead in terms of handlebar design and function with their Flexx Handlebars. Their bar designs allow the bar to pivot in a down direction as much as 1inch at the grip based on what elastomer is being used. Using elastomer as the cushion between the handle and the center mount section serves two purposes. In addition to the flexing, the elastomer provides great needed vibration lessening from the engine to help reduce rider fatigue.

Key Features:

• Dramatically reduces vibration commonly felt at your hands.

• Less arm pump and fatigue from impact and abuse due to absorbing action of Flexx Handlebars.

• Tunable to your needs as each elastomer (available in 4 densities) absorbs the impact.

• Component ready for numerous accessories from hand guard mounts, steering stabilizers, and rebound elastomer kits.

• Made in the U.S.A

The design was originally intended to absorb catastrophic impacts for instance casing a jump or hitting a large “g-out”. The reality of the system’s performance is a massive reduction in shock and abuse transferred to the rider throughout all types of terrain.

Fasst Company takes great pride in bring you the only 100% American Made handlebar. The Flexx Handlebar is a labor-intensive product. Exclusively constructed out of two different states of 7000 series aluminum; employing the latest technology in CNC machining and extrusion methods, their handlebars are made with the utmost hands-on precision and care. Strict tolerances are checked many times over by a highly qualified production crew, ensuring that every component of the Flexx Handlebar goes out their doors with unparalleled accuracy.

It’s hard to realize what quality controls feel like if you have never used them. That’s the case for me as I have always used the O.E.M brake levers, accessories, and shifters until this bike build project. Replacing the sloppy O.E.M brake clevis for Fasst Companies Rear Brake Clevis was a huge improvement to eliminating the “play” found in the stock unit. The Fasst Company rear brake clevis is manufactured out of billet aluminum and utilizes a stainless pivot pin and bushing. They are available in anodized red, blue, and black.

Key Features:

• Fixes the O.E.M pedal play by eliminating unnecessary movement.

• Pivot pin and bushing will not wear out. Stainless steel material.

• Creates precise control for better feel at the brake pedal.

• Made in the U.S.A

To accompany the rear brake clevis I decided it would be very wise to add the Fasst Company Brake Return Spring kit. The brake return spring will allow me to adjust the pedal resistance by adjusting the spring pre-load. It has been reported that the brake return spring can prevent debris from jamming the rear master cylinder.

Key Features:

• Adjustable pedal resistance that improves brake lever feel.

• Minimizes that on/off feel found on most O.E.M rear brake systems.

• Tunable spring pre-load.

• Minimizes debris from jamming the master cylinder.

• Made in the U.S.A

With all the comforts that the Flexx Handlebars offer one would think that you couldn’t add any other comforts to the control area of your bike. I was mistaken, as you can see in the above photos my Flexx Handlebars are equipped with A’ME MX Full Waffle grips that are manufactured in the USA by people who have been involved in the grip industry for over 35 years. That’s a very long time to be making grips of any kind.

The A’ME MX Full Waffle grips are offered in a medium / soft compound and made from a proprietary Vulcathane,™ rubber, which provides exceptional wear for a softer grip and offers the rider a tacky and easy grip surface for all types of riding conditions. You will find a wide range of colors and an unbelievable price for such an outstanding grip that offers good wear and comfort.

  • BTurner

    I can’t wait to get my Flexx Bars on! Best handlebars made for any woods set up IMO. If you get CT or any kind of numbness, these are the bars for you. Its like having extra suspension, but on your handlebars. You don’t feel all the little chop & square edge bumps, roots, etc. They help you be able to ride harder for longer because your hands & arms don’t get beat up. I’ll never own another bike without them. When I sell my bike, the bars are staying with me! Talk to Cole over at Fasst Company, he’ll take good care of ya!

    • Brandon I truly believe you will love the feel of the flexx bars. Awesome offroad bars. Can’t wait to hear a ride report once installed.