Maxima Cool Aide Ready To Use Engine Coolant

Maxima Cool Aide is a high performance racing super coolant and not our child hood favorite sugar drink that we once enjoyed but since have been replaced with “energy drinks”. Maxima Cool Aide was engineered to maximize engine cooling and reducing heat. Cool Aide achieves this with better contact on heated engine parts which results in a more efficient heat transfer. Who’s riding a 4-stroke? Hope you’re paying attention because your thumper could greatly benefit from the features that Cool Aide offers and keep your engine from puking engine coolant out on the ground. 2-strokes are not really known for overheating, but we are going to give our smokers every fighting chance it needs to stay cool during the Georgia summer heat.

Product Features

• Comes in Ready-To-Use 64oz. bottle and requires no mixing.

• Also available in a 16oz. super concentrate.

• Mixing with both water and antifreeze.

• Approved for racing on paved surfaces

• Protects against rust and corrosion.

• Biodegradable during unused form.

• For use in 2 cycle or 4 cycle liquid cooled engines.

• Increased cooling efficiency over standard engine coolants.

• Does not offer freeze protection so keep that in mind for winter storage.

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