Ride Engineering Billet Front Brake Caliper

In addition to our efforts to try and improve motorcycle handling, Ride Engineering wants to become a bigger factor in performance braking. A benefit of our new brake caliper is stronger, more progressive braking (more power, less of an on/off sensation) with less hand pressure. This was achieved by removing the flex associated with stock casting: by increasing the piston size: and by allowing more air to pass through. When compared to a 270mm oversized rotor kit, the feel is more linear and more connected to the rider input even though the overall stopping power is a little less. Maybe the calipers best attribute is that it can be combined with an over size rotor kit to give factory stopping power that is very user friendly (Novices can use it too). The caliper must be used with an 11mm master cylinder and after market hanger braket (any brand seems to fit). Hangers for both stock rotors and 270mm rotors are available from Ride Engineering for additional $45.95. Caliper MSRP $374.95 and is in stock.

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