Maxima Zero Drag Racing Fork Oil

Maxima Zero Drag Racing Fork Oil was designed in the lab and developed by top race teams across America to significantly reduce friction inside the fork tubes for a true fluid dampening action. During those long enduros or hot summer motos you will appreciate the extremely high viscosity rating that ensures constant fork action over a wide range of internal temperatures. Maxima went even a step further to develop seal conditioner additives for extended seal life and shear stable polymers that help increase fluid life. Racing Fork Oil is a base 5wt blend with the same viscosity as Yamaha O1, SS7, and KYB fluid and is recommended for most all late model MX forks. If your forks require greater damping you will find additional grades as 7wt, 10wt, and 15wt. Maxima Racing Fork Oil helped breathe new life into some our older forks and gave our shoulders some much needed relief while improving our overall riding experience.

Product Features

• Wide range of grades available.

• All weight grades can be blended for in between viscosity grades.

• Reduce Stiction.

• Added friction reducers.

• Special blended inhibitors that protect against rust and corrosion.

• Usable on both standard and cartridge style forks.

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