Round 4 of the 2012 MTA LA Cross-Country Series

May 27th, 2012

Van Way Moto Playground

Round 4 of the 2012 MTA LA Cross-Country Series


Photos by: Carter, Hatcher, Shaw, and Shows

Just one week ago young 17 year-old Forrest Smith (YAM/Fly/Bayou Suspension) captured his first overall LACC victory. He has obviously kept the momentum going with another holeshot and overall win at Round 4, Van Way Moto Playground. Smith was pressured all day by current series points leader Martin Howell (SMS KTM / JM Suspension / Answer / Motorex / FMF) but remained focused, grabbed the lead back when Howell stopped for gas, and once again took the win and earned the majority of the purse money. Howell made a strong push at the end of the race setting the Transmissions Inc. Fast Lap on his very last lap, the sixth lap with a 15:21. Another young-gun, Hutton Woods, was having fun on the MX track with some “sick” scrubs & whips, and put his Mike’s Outdoors / Woods Tank KTM 450 in the final podium position in third. While on the podium overall winner Smith thanked everyone who helps him out, the crowd for cheering them on when they go by battling, and said he really enjoyed the course.

Corey Altazin (KTM/Fly/WPS) put in a solid ride to take the XC2 Lites class win over Jacob Wheat (KTM/Bayou Suspension) and John Beauchamp (KAW). Altazin also finished an impressive fifth overall. Two talented Senior A class participants, Greg Bryant (HON) and Al Cravens (KTM), showed-up some younger competition by finishing in the top ten overall. Raimundo Trasolini (KAW) from Venezuela was in the US preparing for amateur national motocross events and finished eighth in the XC1 Expert class. Bad luck for defending series champion Andy Beebe (#1 HSQ) and runner-up Jason Harvey (#2 KTM), who both ended their days with rear flat tires.

We rarely get to squeeze in the Kids/Women’s racing action but in summary Philip DeMoura (HON) took an exciting win in the Kids Vet class after a great battle with Shane Foto (YAM), Courtney Gerald (KTM) is dominating the Women’s class again this year, Jacob Freeman (YAM) won the Kids Int. class, and Jessica DeLee (SUZ) won the Girls 16U class. Zorion McClarty (KTM) went down at the start but fought back to win the PeeWee class over Austin Bradford and Ryan Reine. Similar story for Daniel Reine (KTM) who slid out at the start but then quickly got up to the front to win the Beginner PeeWee class over current points leader Pete Comeaux, CJ Altazin, and the rest of the ankle biters.

As always many links to pictures and videos from this event can be found on; and more on the way so keep checking it daily!

About the series:

The Louisiana Cross-Country Series is a 10-round championship series promoted by Venues test each rider’s overall ability by offering motocross sections, hills, roots, occasional rocks, woods trails, grass tracks, extreme obstacles, etc. In addition to pure speed riders must have the endurance to push hard for over an hour and a half. The series is brought to you by title sponsor MTA, Filter, Gas Gas Offroad US, Honda of Lafayette, Performance Cycles, Enduro Engineering, Spectro, Transmissions Inc, Southern Trophy, Chiropractic Spine & Sports, Team 3/4, Evangeline Specialties, API Control System Solutions, Moose Racing,, Deb’s Prints, KTM, OutOfBoundFilms, Dirt Wise Schools and Instructional DVDs, SideLineFilms, Bayou Fabrication, Honda, Bayou,, and Husqvarna.

Results Summary

OVERALL: 1. Forrest Smith (YAM); 2. Martin Howell (KTM); 3. Hutton Woods (KTM); 4. Bryan Vaughan (KTM); 5. Corey Altazin (KTM); 6. Jason Reine (KTM); 7. Wesley Burks (KTM); 8. Greg Bryant (HON); 9. Dalton Little (KTM); 10. Al Cravens (KTM); 11. Jacob Wheat (KTM); 12. Brandon Tynes (HON); 13. Raimundo Trasolini (KAW); 14. Tommy Cannon (KTM); 15. Logan Van Way (KTM); 16. Andy Chance (KTM); 17. Daltyn Kennedy (KAW); 18. Christopher Roberts (KTM); 19. Manny Garza (KTM); 20. Jason Harmon (YAM);

XC1: 1. Forrest Smith (YAM); 2. Martin Howell (KTM); 3. Hutton Woods (KTM); 4. Bryan Vaughan (KTM); 5. Jason Reine (KTM);

XC2: 1. Corey Altazin (KTM); 2. Jacob Wheat (KTM); 3. John Beauchamp (SUZ); 4. Lance Ford (KAW); 5. Reese Comeaux (KTM);

SENIOR A: 1. Greg Bryant (HON); 2. Al Cravens (KTM); 3. Manny Garza (KTM); 4. David Hall (KTM); 5. Kelly Crenshaw (KTM);

INT: 1. Brandon Tynes (HON); 2. Andy Chance (KTM); 3. Christopher Roberts (KTM); 4. Jason Harmon (YAM); 5. Brad Warren (KTM);

NOVICE: 1. Tommy Cannon (KTM); 2. Logan Van Way (KTM); 3. Troy Blanchard (); 4. James Winn (SUZ); 5. Ethan Bryant (HON);

NOV LITE: 1. Blake Plonsky (KTM); 2. Scott Altazin (KTM); 3. Chad Roy (KAW); 4. Landon Gauthier (HON); 5. Derek Richard (YAM);

JUNIOR: 1. Daltyn Kennedy (KAW); 2. Quintin Van Way (KTM); 3. Blake Voisin (YAM); 4. Braeden Van Way (KTM); 5. David Broussard (KTM);

SENIOR B: 1. Chris Van Way (KTM); 2. Payton Wilson (KTM); 3. Timothy Higgins (KAW); 4. Curt Whittington (YAM); 5. George Bofinger (KTM);

SENIOR 50: 1. Donny Graham (KTM); 2. Mark Jamroz (HUS); 3. Gary Mccrary (KTM); 4. Kenneth Hagen (HON); 5. Frank Nugent (KTM);

BEGINNER: 1. Cody Bouillion (KTM); 2. Kamron Mayeux (HON); 3. Cody Carrico (KTM); 4. James Aitken (HON); 5. Richie Howard (HON);

BEG LITE: 1. Blake Toms (HON); 2. Trenton Greenwood (HON); 3. Kyle Nealy (HON); 4. Cole Nealy (KAW); 5. Jesse Whittington (KTM);

BEG 4-STK: 1. Tristan Bryant (HON); 2. Corey Newcomb (YAM); 3. Clayton Bridges (HON); 4. Trey Forman (KTM); 5. William Jorgensen (YAM);

BEG 40+: 1. Jeff Ray (); 2. Gregg Kirk (KAW); 3. Giuseppe Trasolini (KTM); 4. Shelia Monk (KTM); 5. David Gluth Jr. (YAM);

KIDS VET: 1. Philip Demoura (HON); 2. Shane Foto (YAM); 3. Haven Alford (SUZ); 4. Brett Graves (HON); 5. Logan Nixon (KAW);

WOMEN: 1. Courtney Gerald (KTM); 2. Susan Reine (KTM); 3. Madeline Pipkin (KTM); 4. Jenna Ford (HON);

KIDS INT: 1. Jacob Freeman (YAM); 2. Walker Shows (KTM); 3. Thomas Bofinger (KTM); 4. Landon Leblanc (HON);

GIRLS: 1. Jessica Delee (SUZ); 2. Kristen Gautreau (KTM); 3. Ellen Herrington (YAM); 4. Gracie Barrett (KTM);

PEEWEE: 1. Zorion Mcclarty (KTM); 2. Austin Bradford (KTM); 3. Ryan Reine (KTM); 4. Coty Woods (KTM); 5. Aimee’ Jones (KTM);

BEG PW: 1. Daniel Reine (KTM); 2. Pete Comeaux (KTM); 3. Cj Altazin (KTM); 4. Lincoln Woods (KTM); 5. Jack Comeaux (YAM);

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