Step 6: Applied Racing Triple Clamps

Improving the overall feel and ride of any off road bike can be one of the most important factors to consider when pursuing you’re target for rider safety and bike control, at least that’s two of my target areas. My first step in achieving a more confident feel and control is to install a set of Applied Racing Triple Clamps. Later the bike suspension will get some much needed servicing to complete my goal of rider safety with improved, stable bike control.

Ever walked through the pit area of any professional motocross or supercross event? If you have great, you will know what I talking about when I say that no one runs O.E.M triple clamps at that level of racing. Aftermarket clamps achieve that “bling” factor for those top level machines but they offer so much more. Professional race teams are looking for every advantage for their rider, bike, and team. After market triple clamps gives them the tune ability for bar position, reduced weight, and even offset changes to improve the bikes handling.

The pioneer of aftermarket triple clamps Applied Racing agreed to support this project and to improve my overall riding experience by providing complete lower and upper clamps. Some of the advantages I will be gaining from Applied Racing triple clamps will be superior strength and durability from the clamps being machined from solid billet aircraft aluminum. Offset changes can help create a perfect balance between straight line stability and turning ability, I elected not to change the offset at this time. But Applied Racing offers this feature on many models. Both upper and lower fork tube bores are precision bored for a perfect cylindrical shape from top to bottom which reduces fork twist. When compared to O.E.M triple clamps Applied Racing clamps offer up to 35% more clamping area which will help reduce fork flex within the clamps while offering weight savings over the O.E.M clamps.

Get this! Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. Out of all the features gained from these triple clamps my preferred is that all Applied Racing triple clamps are designed and machined in house which means proudly MADE IN THE USA.

In closing I would like to thank everyone at Applied Racing for the great customer service and innovative products that they have provided during this project. I highly recommend that you follow the instructions for removing and installation of the steering stem, for more information click HERE.

Applied Racing Mission Statement

Our goal is to bring high quality, unique, and innovative products to the motorsport industry at the best possible price. We only design and manufacture products that will increase performance and function of your bike or will improve on existing OEM products.


Applied Racing created the triple clamp market over 20 years ago with the introduction of an innovative after-market triple clamp which not only allowed the use of oversize bars but provided a more forward bar position with optional heights, as well as significantly increasing clamping surface on fork tubes and reducing fork flex. Our first triple clamps were developed with the input of top professional riders at the time and were thoroughly track tested and proven to perform. Currently, there are a wide variety of companies offering their version of the after-market triple clamp, but Applied Racing was the original and is still the best.

Applied Racing

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