Step 4: L.A Sleeve Top End Replacement

If you hang out on any of the dirt bike forums there are always riders looking for any form of guidance on rebuilding their 2-stroke top end. Not much has changed in servicing 2-stroke top ends and it still remains a very simple task for most mechanically inclined weekend wrenches’. This bike build wouldn’t be a proper bike build without rebuilding the top end right? Plus it needed serviced and that’s when I turned to one of the leaders in the industry L.A Sleeve to purchase my engine parts. Purchasing the 270 Big Bore Kit that L.A Sleeve offers was very attractive, but I just didn’t think my budget would support the cost so the standard bore size will half to do for NOW! For the piston kit I decided to go with the PRO X Piston Kit as it is a direct O.E.M piston replacement for all major Japanese engine manufactures. To increase piston service life PRO X utilizes a low expansion, low friction alloy. You will find standard sizes, as well as A,B,C,D over sizes that most Japanese manufactures use. To complete the needed parts I placed the PRO X Wrist Pin Bearing and L.A Sleeve’s Top End Gasket Kit into my shopping chart.

The top end on your bike should be torn down periodically for proper inspection of the cylinder, cylinder head, piston/rings, power valves, reeds, etc. It’s hard to place an exact service interval for the top end due to a few things such as how hard the bike is ridden, hours on the engine, quality of the 2-stroke oil used, and the amount of debris that could have been drawn into the engine. A national MX type racer would perform inspections or replacement of the top end on shorter intervals due to sustained high rpm’s and loads placed on the engine. The average weekend rider could have longer inspection or replacement intervals due to lower rpm range of operation.

Innovated thinking from L.A Sleeve has lead them to offer a complete Cylinder Rebuild Kit (Top End in a Box) that includes a sleeve with related top end parts such as piston, rings, gaskets etc. for quick cylinder repair. You will find that all L.A Sleeve Cylinder sleeves are manufactured from centrifugally-spun Moly 2000 iron alloy castings, which insure ease of installation and trouble free boring. This boreable chrome-moly alloy contains alloys found in today’s plated cylinders, but will never peel or flake. L.A. SLEEVE’s Moly 2000 cylinder sleeves feature superior tensile strength, transfer heat quickly and efficiently, insuring a dependable long life engine. Looking for more power? Big bore kits have become very popular here lately for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, Contact L.A.Sleeve about their big bore service kits they offer and level the playing field for your 2-stroke.

If you find yourself needing the help of a professional L.A Sleeve offers several different options and services. Click HERE for details.

Big THANKS goes out to L.A. SLEEVE for all their support and product services they offer. L.A Sleeve has been a leader in sleeve innovation, design and installation for more than sixty years. Look to them for your cylinder sleeve requirements and installation solutions. In addition to cylinder sleeves L.A. Sleeve carriers a wide range of engine parts and accessories for a verity of motorsport products and offers a full service shop for both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines.