Maxima MTL Clutch Fluid

Maxima MTL Clutch Fluid has been engineered with advanced additives that extend clutch life and reduce slippage, so you get the power to the ground. Inside the transmission the gear sets are doing their best shear the oil into pieces but with new technologically anti-wear and lubricating properties MTL reduces gear wear while protecting all metal moving parts within the gear box. Like all Maxima products MTL has been extensively tested on the race track by many top national motocross teams to ensure product quality and reliability.

Product Features

• All air & water cooled 2 cycle & 4 cycle transmissions with wet clutch systems.

• Multi grades available (SAE Viscosity) MTL-XL 75wt, MTL-R 80wt, and MTL-E 85wt.

• Extended clutch life.

• Reduced clutch slippage.

• Anti-wear additives.

• Super smooth shifting.

Maxima Racing Fluids

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