FLY Riders Sweep XC2 Pro-Lites Podium in Georgia

FLY Riders Sweep XC2 Pro-Lites Podium in Georgia

Round two of the GNCC series took place only four days after round one and the short recovery time between rounds made for some tough conditions. Once again FLY riders represented with team riders near the front of the pack in each of their classes at “The General” GNCC in Washington, Georgia.

In the XC2 Pro Lites class, Steward Baylor made it two in a row, but this one would not be as easy as the first round. This time, the Team F.A.R. Husqvarna duo of Jason Thomas and Glenn Kearney kept Baylor honest for the entire three hours, with Baylor pulling a small margin near the end of the race to win by 20 seconds over Thomas.

“The battle [between me and Jason Thomas] was intense,” said Baylor. “We were back and forth – it was kind of like skiing all day – it was sick.”Kearney was next to come across the line in third to make it a FLY sweep. Fellow FLY rider Jedediah Haines had another strong showing taking fifth.

In XC1 competition, FLY team riders Rory Mead and Chris Bach finished eighth and ninth place and now sit in fifth and seventh place in the XC1 class points. Another notable FLY Racing finish was Grant Baylor in 15th place overall, second in class, and second once again in the top finishing amateur competition. Baylor now holds the 250A class points lead heading into round three.

“I had a good day,” said G. Baylor. “Reports are that I was actually overalling the whole race at the second check of lap one. Unfortunately, I got stuck in a mud hole where I lost some time, but I managed to run a pace that would land me in the Top 15 for the day.”

Next up is GNCC Round 3, “Steele Creek,” in Morganton, NC on April 1st.

FLY Racing River Ranch GNCC Rider Finishes

XC2 Pro Lites

1st – Steward Baylor | Fly/RidePG/WP Racing USA/Leatt/KTM

2nd – Jason Thomas | F.A.R. Husqvarna

3rd – Glenn Kearney | F.A.R. Husqvarna

5th – Jedediah Haines | Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding Univ/

7th – Brad Bakken | Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding Univ/

16th – Lucas Statom | Privateer

XC1 Pro

8th – Rory Mead | WMR/KTM

9th – Chris Bach | Factory Beta Offroad

Open A

2nd – Adam Bonneur | Privateer

3rd – Corey Macdonald | Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding Univ/

11th – Chris Douglas | WMR/KTM


2nd – Grant Baylor | Fly/RidePG/WP Racing USA/Leatt/KTM

3rd – Layne Michael | Morgantown Powersports

5th – Zach Nash | Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding Univ/

6th – Samuel Evans | Hardcore Racing

9th – Chris Akaydin | Privateer

10th – Ethan Jaudas | WMR/KTM

4-Stroke A Lites

2nd – Derrick Allen | Privateer

10th – Drexel Payne | Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding Univ/

200 B

1st – Craig Delong | Privateer

2nd – Ryan Slopko | Hardcore Racing

7th – Richie Cook | Hardcore Racing

8th – Tristian Stumbo | Hardcore Racing


7th – LeeAnn Bange | Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding Univ/

9th– Jordon Milbauer | Obermeyer Yamaha/Raines Riding Univ/


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