Ride Engineering has signed Colton Haaker

Ride Engineering Inc. of Costa Mesa California has signed Colton Haaker to a one year contract to represent the company in WORCS and Endurocross racing. Our focus is primarily motocross, but we can improve the handling and stopping capabilities of dirt bikes in all forms of off-road racing. “We are in our sixth year with Star Racing (Valli) Yamaha for motocross and supercross so it’s time we added a top level off-road guy. Although Colton is unproven at WORCS, my gut feeling is he will be a top five contender by the end of the series, especially after we get his bike set up with all our mods.” -Adrian Ciomo, president Ride Engineering.

CONTACT INFO: www.ride-engineering.com  or info@ride-engineering.com Call 800 805 1516

About Ride Engineering

Ride Engineering Inc, designs and manufactures the highest quality billet aluminum accessories to improve the performance, appearance and handling of motocross and off-road motorcycles. We combine hands on testing with feedback from past and present professional race teams to bring products to the average customer that are typically not available for sale. Located in Southern California, all Ride Engineering products are made in the USA. For more info on our company visit: http://www.ride-engineering.com/about.php


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