Hammer Tested: Tag Metals Handle Bar & Grips

About 8 years ago I switched over to the 1 1/8 big bars and was surprised at the difference it made from my hands all the way up to my shoulders. A lot of people like the ridged feel of the 7/8 handle bars, but it’s all rider style and preference that determines what bar style you chose. For myself I prefer the 1 1/8 big bars for the flex they offer while landing or hitting square edge bumps (addition to great suspension). The reduced vibration is a big help for me and they don’t tend to bend as easy as the 7/8 bars when you have a nasty get off situation.

For my next “merry go around” with handle bars I chose to try Tag Metals Alius handle bars as I have tried every other top brand and expect these to be no different. Tag uses a technology called Aqueous which allows them to place a 360 degree graphic around the handle bar, better known as Search & Destroy as the model. The Alius bars are available in solid black and the Search & Destroy model is available in black and blue. I selected the blue Search & Destroy bars to feature in this article. They feature a very functional laser etched positioning grid that is unyielding to wear and chemicals for long use. Like most others the Tag Alius bars are extruded from aerospace grade 2014-T6 aluminum featuring a 4.5mm wall tube design for maximum strength and anodized finish for maximum durability. You will find a the basic foam bar pad included that is functional just lacking a little in style compared to the newer molded rubber bar pads like the Tag Metals T2. At $79.95 the Alius handle bars are right in line with most other brands and they perform great with just the right amount of flex and great vibration reduction. Before ordering you will need to check the application chart so you can determine the right height and bend for you.

Well you can’t replace your handle bars without needing new grips right? I stayed with the Tag Metals theme here and fitted my new Alius bars with Tag Rebound Tech Dual Compound grips. With having 40% more cushioning material in strategic places allows the Tag Rebound Tech Dual Compound Grips to absorb more impact and vibration which has helped reduce fatigue in my arms and wrist. Looking at the grips you’ll notice larger raised diamonds and that’s what provides the cushioning and damping for your hands, wrist, and arms. If you race or ride during wet or muddy conditions then you need to consider a set of these grips as the traction they provide is unbelievably great in off-road conditions. Wear is normal or as expected for any softer compound grips and at $12.99 you can afford to replace them as needed. I prefer a grip to be functional and comfortable rather than lasting two seasons of riding.

My riding time is valuable and I like to maximize every minute of my rides and Tag Metals handle bars and grips have added to my riding experience by reducing fatigue so I can ride longer, and that’s what it’s all about right? Riding and having fun.

    • Durability 23/25
    • Function 21/25
    • Price 22/25
    • Design/Fit 22/25

Total Points Scored 88Good Product = Meets Expectations

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