Boyesen Rad Valve

Maximum Power Achieved Through Air Intake, Acceleration And Distribution. Four key breakthrough factors make Boyesen RAD Valves the most advanced air intake system you can add to your 2-stroke bike!

1. The Gulp Factor

Your engine is a glutton for air. It will take over 200 “gulps” per second, at velocities over 500 MPH – if your intake valve will let it. The RAD Valve’s seamless, one-piece, precision casting and continuous aeroform surfaces ensure maximum flow velocities and instant, explosive movement of air particles the moment you turn the throttle. Result: An intake valve the size of your fist delivers air with the power of a tornado.

2. “Power Channeled” Charge

Integrated into the seamless inner chamber are 4-way aerodynamic directional dividers that distribute the angled charge evenly without flow loss. Each channel has its own unique Power Profile, scientifically shaped to produce instant, explosive movements of air. Result: Unparalleled performance.

3. “Intelligent” Dual-Stage Reed System

Standard equipment on each RAD Valve, Boyesen dual-stage, Pro Series Reeds have the superior ability to time themselves to the needs of the engine. You get maximum flow velocity across the entire RPM range, and at all throttle settings. Smoth. Sharp. Smart. Result: Full Spectrum power and throttle response.

4. There’s a Rad Valve Enginneered To YOUR Make, Year & Model

Each Boyesen RAD Valve is unique – tailor made to that model, year and displacement. While other aftermarket valves might change flange sizes or bolt patterns, they’re basically generic – and require you to irreversibly cut your intake boot to install it! But with the RAD Valve, there are no compromises in power, no modifications. Result: A true, bolt-on Power Boost.